Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tommo16, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. Just wondering to do a PTI course do you have to hold the rank of lance Corporal or can you go on it as a substansive lance jack?
  2. You'll get given local rank
  3. Merlin is correct - local LCpl is acceptable.
  4. Cheers Fellas for the advice.
  5. Just dont do it thinking it will get you promoted as it is not (normally) a promotion qualifier, much to the annoyance of a bloke we had who thought he could take what he saw as an (easy!?) route to a tape
  6. I just want to get on PTI Course not bothered about rank at this present time. It isnt a short cut, as the PTI course is a difficult course to pass. Sniper aside ,it is one of the toughest couses or so i am told!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    I think you'll find that the catering course is the toughest in the British Army - no-one has ever passed it ;)

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  8. With reference the PTI course. i take it outside of the Army this qualification is null and void? Just wondering before the snipers go to work on me, as a career change wouldnt go a miss!
  9. Absolutely not, the army PTI qualification can be used in civilian life. You're qualified as a fitness instructor and can use this anywhere. I'd do it if I had the chance.
  10. It all depends on the end qual TGM, I think it's whether you end up with an NVQ or equivalent at the end of the course. Other quals available to the TA aren't always converted to NVQ and although with some you do get the option with others you don't, possibly 'cos the people may up & get a different job as soon as they qualify & no longer be able to commit to the TA. However, a lot of the Reg's quals are converted automatically to NVQ as soon as they pass the course or upon their leaving date, usually because their courses run for longer and the extra bits needed for the civvy qual are included in their course.
  11. Armed forces PTI quals (yes that includes TA courses) are recognised by REPS (register of exercise professionals) which was brought in to regulate the fitness industry, REPS has three levels of membership i think forces quals give direct access to level 2, also REPS can get you the all important public liabilty insurance.

    try the webshoite:

    PTI qual might get you work in some gyms but not all, some insist on CYMCA quals

    hope this helps any probs PM me

  12. What are the PTI tests like? and how long after commissioning can you join?
  13. You can't be a PTI if you commission (via Direct Entry that is) unless you go the long, late entry commission route. Or join the RAF.
  14. so can you join as a non serving individual?
  15. I think you need to go and use the phone to find out. If you carry on this line of questioning you will regret it: as will those who get smitten!!
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