PTI with a degree

im planning on re-enlisting into the regular army, and my ultimate goal is to reach PTI.
im currently a fitness instructor and could very well be offered a chance to go university obviously studying strength and conditioning/coaching and fitness at the end of this acedemic year.
do you reckon i would stand a better chance on becoming a PTI with a degree? (and also with the relevant fitness levels of course).
Or does it just boil down to who has the biggest balls at the end of the day with this kind of thing?
thanks for your time reading this lol :D
Nah, seriously though, (I had to say to put my last NAAFI-esque post in context! - Sorry for the jab, no offense intended!) the degree likely wouldn't hurt IMHO. It'd show you've got determination to see something through, which a lot of scruffy little fcukers these days don't. As to whether it'd realistically be an advantage to having one, well, I'm not qualified to really say as I'm a bleedin' colonial, see? Different system over here, and we've completely done away with our PERI's lock, stock and barrel, so to speak.
Son you cant even spell Academic. Can't see you getting a Desmond never mind a 2:1 at Uni. PTI's are 100% and dead on and are uber fit and muscle mechanics & keep us right. If you are bright enough go to a decent Sports Science Course like Loughborough and get a Degree and go to Sandhurst.
Killaloe said:
PTI's are 100% and dead on and are uber fit and muscle mechanics & keep us right.

UVT - with regards to your original post, I shouldn't image you will have any dramas in either of your goals. I know several PTIs with degrees, I'm working towards mine at the moment. If your long term goal is to join the APTC, I'm sure with a degree in a relevant discipline, you will be fine.

As the others have mentioned, and I'm sure you know, you cannot (in the Army anyway) join and become a PTI immediately. You will need to pass selection for your chosen capbadge/regiment and pass through the training system in the normal manner. When you arrive at your first Unit, present yourself to the PTIs/SSI/SI/QMSI/SMI (depending on where you are), and make yourself known as a potential PTI.

With a decent level of fitness, the course is easily within anyone's reach, I would encourage anyone to try it.

If you have any questions, on the PTI course, APTC (not me personally, but a number of my friends), or anything similar, please drop me a line.

Best wishes, and good luck!


ps - I find bedhead, or anything with a hold factor of 9 (or better) keeps my quiff rock solid during those rope climbs. ;)
us_versus_them said:
i know its * solid to be a PTI
I'm going to head the 'you've got to be fcuking solid to be a PTI' jokes off, before they start! B*stards.

And, for the record, the fitness isn't the hardest thing on the course, in my opinion, it's avoiding an injury. Which, with your background, you should know all about! :)

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