PTI Wanted!

If there is a PTI on the board, can you PM me please. I need answers on a specific topic, and its one of those that if its thrown out to the crowd will result in "but my mate Dave says....." syndrome.


Praetorian said:
Bump! Apologies, but answer needed soon!
Mate, your task is impossible.

You're asking for a PTI on an internet forum which would mean they would need to be able to use a computer and at a push, have a basic grasp of human English. Those two qualities are never to be found in any PTI.

But I have this mate Dave.....
True mate, in hindsight I should have posted this at an optimum time, such as when all the tanning parlours were closed!
I am a qualified UFO...yes I know! Honestly you can't make this stuff up...

Can I help?

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