PTI Wanted!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Praetorian, May 21, 2008.

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  1. If there is a PTI on the board, can you PM me please. I need answers on a specific topic, and its one of those that if its thrown out to the crowd will result in "but my mate Dave says....." syndrome.


  2. Bump! Apologies, but answer needed soon!
  3. Mate, your task is impossible.

    You're asking for a PTI on an internet forum which would mean they would need to be able to use a computer and at a push, have a basic grasp of human English. Those two qualities are never to be found in any PTI.

    But I have this mate Dave.....
  4. True mate, in hindsight I should have posted this at an optimum time, such as when all the tanning parlours were closed!
  5. Send me your question - I'm training with the soon-to-be Regimental PTO tonight, I'll forward on your question.
  6. I am a qualified UFO...yes I know! Honestly you can't make this stuff up...

    Can I help?
  7. PM me Prae.