PTI swords

does anybody know whether the RLC are allowed to wear PTI swords on there 95s? been told by my nice sgt major that you cant wear them on your rank slide, ive saw other units wear them on their right arm?
any one shed a light? and yes the RLC do have PTIS, although not many!
Soldiers’ Rank Badges

20. Badges of rank are to be of the regulation pattern in accordance with Materiel Regulations. Rank badges to be worn with various orders of dress are specified in these Instructions. Care is to be taken to ensure the correct size and pattern of rank is worn with the correct order of dress; Reference C, Pamphlet 15 Section 2 refers. Rank badges are to be mounted on a scarlet backing in Nos 1, 3, 10 and 11 dress. Rank slides are to match the colour or pattern of the uniform with which they are worn. Rank slides are to bear the correct rank. They may have ‘RLC’ embroidered in dark blue or beige at the bottom. Issued DPM rank slides may be worn. Rank slides are not to bear any insignia but the rank of the wearer, including union flags, trade or skill-at-arms insignia.

RLC Dress Instructions

However, I have seen plenty wearing them with trade badges on, depends on your stick man. (If you want some contact Lancashire Embroidery they will knock up what your require.

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