PTI Refreshers

'Ow do.

Does anyone know the dates for the PTI refreshers towards Xmas and also any details about the course? I'm on POTL at the mo and between postings so any gen would be welcome.
I did the PTI refresher course this year - most of it is just presentations and the course was very chilled out compared to the class 3 & 2s and the All Arms course

monday we did a pft but did the bleep test as the track was covered in snow, the course counts each other on the press ups & sit ups

tuesday was a steady run just to refresh on road marking drill etcs

wed afternoon and thursday was Combat PT and a cohesion circuit

friday and all the rest of the time was spent in the class room teaching you to suck eggs you also do a theory test which if you have been working as a PTI is a piece of piss

Worst bit about was the scoff at Hammersley which was disgusting
JD can I just say you're doing a brilliant job here with course information. Who needs PSIs? (in my case)
Many years in the training wing as the TM's bitch means I can put my finger on course dates in a couple of clicks usually.
Gleaming info...problem with the dates is I run out on 19 Dec, due you still have to be in date to do the refreshers or is there any room for wiggle?


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Give the school a ring (Mil: 9 4222 4110) regarding whether they'll let you just do a refresher. Bids to be in to the school by 03 Nov (at which point you are still in date).

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