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TA PTI's have to do a refresher course every 3 or 5 years (can't remember which one now).
Two of our lads have just come back and said that it was really hard - one failed.
Apparently regardless of the age of the PTI, he must do his 1.5 mile run in under 10 mins.

Also, if you are doing your sit ups with your arms crossed over your chest - if your arms slip or you accidentally let go of your top at any time - you have to start again.

Also with the pressups, your palms must be on the floor level with your shoulders and again if one hand moves - you start again.

I think someone at PTI world is having a giraffe.
Quite right-there's one reason for failure and that's weakness. PTIs should be capable of meeting these standards, regardless of whether they're in the TA or not. There is nothing extraordinary about them-pressups have always been pressups. (Two of my colleagues were on the same course as your guys and lost their swords)
was reading this thread last week and decided to go ask my unit about this "update" which i knew nothing about.  Clearly our Trg Maj was well up to his job and passed on this information to me at the time..... oh no wait!  Since then my unit has still had me carring out physical trg and signing off  ITD,s even though they knew i was, as a result of not attending this update, unqualified!  Thankfully no one has decided to take a dive off any of my assult courses or the like but if anyone had been injured i would have been sued too the hilt!  Cheers Sir.
Does any one know if there is any way i can get an up date or will i have to go back to do the two week course again, time which i can ill afford to take off work?!
To answer your question-

The initial PTI qualification, whether regular or TA lasts 5 yrs, you have to refresh before then. The refresher lasts 3 years.
The pressups have all got to be done in one go, we could all do 50 odd if we got a chance top rest after 10.
It is very difficult to maintain a sufficient level of fitness if you are not working in the gym every day- this is why there are refresher courses, otherwise there would be a lot of very unfit therefore unqualified PTIs taking PT- not a good idea.

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