PTI red on white without crown ?

Can any one tell me where i can get some badges please?

The one that goes on the vest

ive searched the net to no avail !

Cheers guys

(i cant wait for the waah-anthon) but its not honest !
I dont think you can get the badges on there own mate.

You can get the white vests with embriodered swords on from the ASPT, but usually people just get the normal PT Corps ones and get the tailors to put a white patch over the crown.
yeah thats what ive been asked to do for my PTI but it looks abit W@nk,so i thought i would see if there was another option



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If you call up the PT school in Sennelager and ask to speak to Jimmy, he can point you in the direction of the people who sell vests without crowns on them.

I believe the PT school in Aldershot has a similar sort of deal, I believe the shop is called the 'PTI Locker', but I can't find it on Google.

I'll let you know if I find anything else.



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Barrack Room Lawyer said:
What size you looking for?
PTIs always wear extra small!
I always preferred the proper one with the crowns blanked out.

The ones you get from the PT school look sh1te.

Why are you doing it for your PTI? Can't he he do it for himself, or are you doing/done the course?
All he does is run ,hes abit of a bone head as are most !

so he wouldnt know one end of the keyboard from the other plus im going to sew it on for him,so its best i by the badge and put my profit on it ! if you get what i mean? wink wink

he has the vest already

cheers tango
The vests from the school come already done, so you don't need to sew a badge on.

If you want to make a couple of €'s better to get the proper badge and blank it out as he already has the vest :?
I know thats the problem the vest has already got the badge with the crown on it !

I wanted to know if i could get a badge without the crown ? so i didnt have to put a patch on the original and make it an allround better looking job !

but it would appear that is the only option ,

Thanks !
Always wondered about this.

All ack-eyes have to cover their crowns, and i have never seen a set of crossed swords (for vests) without the crown.

Is it the APTC saying to the APTIs "you´re good, but not that good"?

Twice around my beautiful body, questions none, exercise beeeeeggggin.
Hi folks, noticed some guys are after PTI gear. There is a civvy company who does it. It's called SUPREME SPORTS and owned by a guy called Tony. I will post his tele No on here once I get his permission. He does all sorts as I bought my shorts, T-shirts and tracksuit from him. It;s good hardwearing gear.
PRC-349 said:
APTC PRI store, got them without crowns sewn in, fact delivery too
Ref above, the vests without crown in the APTC PRI in Aldershot are about £10 including delivery or there abouts.The bird who runs the PRI is called Cherry Spits (now theres a name,sorry I digress)

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