PTI - nice bod, shame about the face

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Snips, Jul 31, 2002.

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  1. Why is it that PTI's tend to have nice bodies but dog ugly faces?
    They also have an ego the size of Mars (which is probably the planet they came from).

    They obviously have the ability to change their bodies through years of dedicated training but alas need plastic surgery for their faces - shame!
  2. Why is it that women like you tend to have a face like a burglars dog, the personality of a broken drain, an a*se like two Rhinos fighting under a blanket, a hairdo resembling a burst couch and/or Side Show Bob, so much body hair that you look like a GS blanket with side burns and all the charisma of a full ashtray with breath to match?    Got a high opinion of yourself haven't you STAB?   Whats up.........PTI not fancy you?.......neither did your PSI it appears!
  3. Sounds like this one is getting personal!  :-[
  4. This is foreplay?   ??? ??? ???   ;D
  5. I'm sorry Ma_Sonic, sounds like you're taking this all too seriously. Why don't you go to the stores and go and sign out a life!!
  6. ....yeah alright that the same stores where you signed out your huge STAB (F) ar*e and the 3 dozen cans of Femfresh.............
  7. that failed to register on my 'Give a ****-O-Meter'
  8. ....and you failed to register on your PSI's 'attractive-o-meter'.......your little freind did though.......nice!
  9. You are a sad person you know that.

    Why are you getting all serious on these boards and having a go/being personal to just about everybody?

    You can have a laugh on here you know - or are you just not capable of that?
  10. .......I've been having a laugh at the TA for years ......particularly the plain looking females...
  11. ha ha ha ha  you should be on stage!!

    Ok you're boring me now.
  12. Never piss off a sniper girl who's well known for her accuracy ;)  Anyway she's far from a plain Jane.
  13. thanks for that combat, oh well, he'll never know what he's missing eh? or maybe he prefers men anyway ;D
  14. SB - There is always someone worse off than you in life or with a worse attitude.  If you were to skim through Ma's 20+ post you will not find a single, positive or upbeat message in any of them.  He is a chap who is very angry about something.  The trouble is Ma may have a valid point now and again (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt) but it will get lost or ignored amongst all the vitriol.  The best policy is to pat him on the head and say "There, there my brave little soldier" and wait for him to grow up enough to join the mature or humorous debates.
  15. I agree GGG, that is why I have refrained from launching into a full blown slanging match with him.
    I'm with you on the 'pat on the head' thing.