Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Greetings all, I got asked a interesting question the other day, if a T.A Private attends the T.A PTI course and passes (having been given local rank to attend the course) do they then get instant promotion to L/Cpl?

    Its my understanding that Regs get the rank of Cpl on completion of their 9 week course, any ideas?
  2. ISTR that you have to be a lcpl to go on it
  3. Normally, if not a Lance Jack already, you get local for the course.
    Not all get to keep it after course completion and no, you don't automatically get Full Screw on completion either.
  4. Polaristan got local for the course but reverted to back to Sig when it finished (you should get who I'm refering to)
  5. Can only think of two pti's and they are both snco's

    There again there was a little fat twat who was a pti but he's handed his uniform back in now :p
  6. She must have left b4 you joined
  7. Whilst in the regs we had quite a few Gunner PTI's, in fact almost a third of them wereat the private rank

    People might complain but it worked fine as they held the rank of the corpsman whilst during a lesson and only a complete tool would try and usurp them (normally shot down in flames by the BSM for being necky)

    Can only think of one Gnr PTI who tried it on and he got short changed for his trouble

    I would like to point out that only NCO's were full time gym queens, the non-rankers were strickly unit level PTI's assistants, in fact they weren't even allowed to take full units on there own with out at least a lance jack present
  8. The only promotion recomendation PTIs got from me was that they would never be promoted again. :twisted:
  9. On TAFS2, only a few weeks ago, we had a PTI that was a straight Signaller - no stripes. I don't know if he'd have been allowed to use a local rank on TAFS or not - I don't know how local ranks work but TAFS for us is run by 3(ish) of the local Sigs regiments, although it was on a Regular non-RSigs base. (He had no rank slide on which is unusual in our units even for those without stripes because many of them are Yeomanry, can't remember what stable belt he had on though)
  10. Thanks for the replies fellas, I wasnt sure if it was a "pass for promotion" type thing as I was told by a APTC staffy that the regs class 3 and 2 had gone, being replaced with a nine week all in one course giving a glittering pair of chevrons at the end and wasnt sure if there was a similar deal for TA bods.

    In the pipeline is also the formation of a T.A APTC.

    The TA PTI basic course will continue but in the future there will be a intermediate and advanced course with weekend modules in between and at the end of it (you guessed it) you rebadge to APTC.
  11. But do any TA units have a LSN for APTC badged soldiers?

    I always thought the PTI to the rank of Cpl was an Assistant Coaching Instructor, and thus could be All Arms. A Sgt PTI with his crossed swords up is APTC.
  12. Correct

    AllArms PTI's, that is the unit full screws and below are in fact known as Ack I's, assistants to the corpsmen or APTC Sgts and above