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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bladeboy, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Any TA PTI out there done or doing the intermediate course?

    If so would like some info on course content and what to expect etc... :?

    post reply or pm me to share info and good practice
  2. Is that the one where you get to use the self tan spray booths as opposed to the rub on stuff and use max hold hair gel and salon hair products?
  3. Right, haven't done the course yet, but have started the modules, which I'm sure your aware need to completed as a pre-requisite. Booked onto the August course. But I can share what I know so far.

    Course Entry Requiremnts
    1. CFT carrying 25kg - 8 miles
    2. MST
    3. TA PTI fitnes test
    a) Press Ups min of 45 in 2 mins
    b) Sit Ups min of 52 in 2 mins
    c) 2.4km run in 10 mins

    TA PTI (intermediate) may:
    1. Conduct TA soldiers PT in:
    a) endurance training
    b) Obs course training (competitions)
    c) circuit training
    d) strength development training
    e) PT in swimming pools
    f) recreation training (minor team games, potted sports)
    2. Validate PT
    3. Develop unit PT programmes
    4. Develop indiviual training programmes

    How that manifests itself into a course I don't know (anyone..?).
    Either way sounds okay.
    Hope thats a useful starting point, I'm sure there's guys out there who have done it, the first Inters was last Sept, not sure how many courses have been run so far though.
  4. OTB, Update the arrsepedia page when youve done the course, I be interested to see what was involved, is the refresher you had to go on every 5 years now binned then?
  5. Will do, (assuming I pass!)
    As for the refresher, I'm led to believe that it is binned, the idea being that PTI's now go through the modular system with the aim of achieveing Intermediate and Advanced qualifications, and in so doing keep themselves current and competent. The school will be able to tell you for definite.
  6. That is correct. The highest qual you need in unit is intermediate, getting advanced gets you a shinny APTC(V) PTI vest and a move to regional Bde HQ/(RTC?) a Bde queen
  7. Our SMI reckns that each Battalion/Regt etc now has an LSN for an APTC(V) SI, to be CO's PTI adviser/planner/medicine ball carrier.
    At last, something to strive for!! :strong:
  8. that a good set of info there "onthebus"

    i am myself doing the modules now and will be on the august course too.......look forward to some gut busting pt sessions!

    i have a contact that has done the course and will advise all as and when i get it.

    I understand that the collective noun for pti's is an "aura"? :wink:
    polite replies only

  9. no i think it is a skive of pti's mate :wink:
    look at me everyone