PTI Health Trainer Module

Hi, can anyone help me with a problem I'm having with this module. Since passing my PTI (B) course nearly two months ago, I have been attempting to complete the module on the DLP. However, every time I pass one of the subjects (every day) the computer gives me a certificate with Unnamed Student on it instead of my name. I have called the DLP SPOC up and they have forwarded the problem to someone else. That was 2 weeks ago and I still havn't heard from anyone about the problem. So I'm wondering if there is a way of opening the certificates in another program and editing it so I can place my name of the certificate. When saved, the certificate can only be viewed as a .xps file and my computer opens it in internet explorer if that helps.

Cheers in advance
Sounds like you need to fill in the personal details section on your account with your name...after you have logged in look to the top right of the screeen next to the 'Logout' link.
Health Trainer Walt, certificates coming to e-bay soon. :)

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