PTI course

It'll screw up any and all of your military training, you'll be pinged to run the log run or assault course every weekend, the unit will want you to turn up far more oftern than normal.

Of course, some people like the job, if your one of them go ahead.

Hard to get on to? Not really, go see the RSM and he'll probably put you forward for it, assuming your an Athalone recruit there may be a little difficulty untill you've passed MTQ1 but it's worth a try.

Fitness levels needed? According to my mate who did it not very high, be able to pass the BPFA with ease.

Worth it is completly up to you, ask your PTIs at your unit.
IMHO its a good course but dont expect a beasting, good for a bit of extra cash and losing a couple pounds. Expect, as with every other stab course, to be treated like a tube by the stabs, if your otc, and an unknown entity by the DS so quash any otc pricks ideas of grandeur well before the course really begins.
Also make sure you practise ironing green t shirts and issue shorts.. laters
Not that I've done it but a former PTI that uses this forum informed me that some folk do the course to get off PT for the rest of their time whilst in the OTC.... discuss!
Not that I enjoy PT, but the only time we actually do any is at summer camp. And considering the wide spread of times on the BPFA this year we should probably do more. The CO shouldn't beat that many people!
I can only speak for the regs but

a) its easy to get on, just ask, only thing stopping you is if someone for some reason doesn't want you on it

b) you can't fail it, there is no actually pass or fail criteria, the lowest level is "Not recommended to instruct" It will then be up to the Corpsman to decided wheter or not let you be a gym queen

c) once passed you never have to worry about PT again, gone are tests, runs are easy, if you are knackered just stop the group and make them do hill reps

d) there is no rank requirement, i know loads of pte equivlents holding the advanced fencing badge

e) it is an open door to advancement, you are in the public eye and promotion becomes easy unless you are a full screw then you must decide between corps or re-joining your regt as a tom. Even so, on retrun they seem to think just becuase you pranced about the gym for a few years you are so war-ry SOB and get you on SAA and other cobatty like courses.

If you can do it, do it. I've never heard it harm anyone
I did the course although some time ago I agree! Unfortunately you can fail the course and be RTU'd some on my course did but then if you turn up and cannot pass a BPFA or CFT what do you expect. As for rank well in terms of TA you have to be a lance jack - something about having some responsibility but in OTC just having MTQ1 pass will suffice. Its a good course but it can be knackering especially after you have done your third PT session of the day!!
I completed the PTI course two years ago and had a damn good time doing it. It's a two week course that begins with a BPFA requiring slightly higher than green pass in all areas, this is termed the TA PTI BPFA and unlike the regular BPFA it requires the same standards for males and females. For the CFT the only difference is that instead of the ten kilos required for OTCs 20 kilos are to be carried in webbing.
Once you've successfully completed these two tests then it's very hard to fail the course. However it is a tiring two weeks as you complete an average of three PT sessions a day plus lectures. Theory side again is a piece of piss. Your qualified at the end to take endurance runs, circuit training, obstacle courses and gym inductions.

Overall an awesome two weeks if you enjoy your phys. With regard to the opinion of the DS to Officer Cadets it's the same with everything. Demonstrate to them you're not the stereotypical tax dodging drunkard and they'll respect you approriately.

what type of balance between runs, marches, assualt courses etc etc what do you spend most of the time learning

any figures on the requirements for bpfa 10 mins 9'30 ????
You'll do 1 tab, the CFT and thats it for tabs (was on my course anyway)
BPFA - 45 press ups, 50 situps, 10:30 run (1 second over you will get binned)
After the first two days (tests and admin etc) you will generally spend your time doing practice lessons, an equal balance between circuit training, runs and assualt course. Three sessions a day on average with PT Theory and anatomy and physiology mixed in aswell. The PT is pretty easy stuff. As long as you can complete a BPFA and A CFT (and the swim test) you;ll be fine.
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