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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Grumpypickle, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. I am looking to do the PTI course in the new year, I have a date for selection.

    Can anyone tell me about the number of press up and sits required for selection - I have heard you must be able to complete the Min number required for the youngest age range no matter your age ? as a female does this mean I should be aiming for the youngest lads target (and what is that ?) or the females? (I will be aiming for the lads level anyway but want to have the info!)

    Also the weight for the CFT- our cap badge carries 15k plus helmet and rifle for CFT - is it 20k for PTI selection ?

    and I have not yet met any other female PTI - has anyone else ? how did they find the selection and course?

    any tips? apart from don't do it!
  2. Hi there,

    Right i did my course in late Sept07, you need to do 44 press ups, 50 sit ups and 1.5 mile in under 10min 30secs, complete and pass the military swim test and complete and pass the 8 mile CFT with 25 KG weight that includes rifle, so you need a burgan that weighs 21 KG not inluding water, thats it, pass that and your on the course...:):):)

    You'll LUV it, its a great course.

    PM me if you want anymore info.
  3. I'm just curious because this was talked about at the TAC bar the other night, but what does the course entail? Is it mostly classroom based theory, or do you just get beasted for the duration, or is it a happy mixture of the two aspects?

    How long is the course?

    Sorry, I'm being lazy, I imagine it is buried deep on the army website somewhere, but I don't get a long lunch to go rummaging through!
  4. Bit of both, its not hard really, more enjoyable, but you do have to be fit or you will get found out as a few of the students on my course were and subsequently failed due to fitness and confidence...!!!!

    Its a 2 week course, get yourself on it but make sure you learn about the bones and muscles in the body as that will help you.
  5. So what kind of service should you have under your belt before applying?

    Do you need a tape before applying? I heard it gets you a local rank, which seems like a hideous idea, I'd like to do the course but wouldnt want the rank until I have earnt it.
  6. And make sure you take lots of self tan and extra stong hold hair gel too - you need to look the part. And mirrors, lots and lots of mirrors!

    (Good luck! ;))
  7. The gym is *that* way!

    Bit of a cliche: I know a PTI that doesnt look the part, that is not a self loving sunbathing machine.

    Just one though!

    (sorry, a bit unfair, don't really mean it. Please dont beast me)
  8. In the 2nd week you dont have time to put in hair gel and self tan but once you finish the course you have loads of time to walk round looking and smelling 8) 8) 8)
  9. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    There is the anatomy and physiology type stuff as Matt has mentioned, plus loads of health & safety bollocks (no.. it's great really).. Risk assessments, how to write lesson plans etc etc.

    Week 2 is mainly taken up with each student doing a couple of lessons. Concentrating on the main 3 of endurance running, obstacle course and circuit training.

    It is an excellent course, if you're lucky and have a good bunch of lads / lasses, then it's a great two weeks.


    (don't play hang tough with Matt, he cheats!)
  10. And saying 'twice around my beautiful V shaped body..... GO!' :lol:
  11. Just the twice.......nah, i do it bout 3 times during a warm up......"can you all smell my aftershave whilst you run round my body? if you can tell me what it is we'll not go for a run......nope too slow"
  12. Having had a badly busted leg I always prided myself in being back marker to any run etc, so that anyone who fell behind me got beasted something cronic! Down side to this was the usual 'if you can't go faster than that gimpy fatfcuk with the dodgy leg I'm going to rip you a new one' brief which got on my t!ts. Fat? Moir?

    Payback always came on the ranges though, 'good job you can run away fast from the ememy, Staff, coz you sure as hell can't hit him when he's coming towards you! I think half an hour's rifle strengthening exercise whilst repeating the marksmanship priciples would help......' :twisted:
  13. Its "Moi" fatty.
  15. I was told (by an SMI) that the PFT stuff had changed - now 9.30 for the run, more press ups & sit ups. Are these changes actually for 08/09? Did you hear anything about this on your course?