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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by guvnor, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,

    has anybody done the TA PTI course?

    I am hoping to get on a course next year, so any advice of what to train towards would be useful.
  2. Get a hairdressing NVQ. This will be useful in the 'Check out my muscles in this top' phase!
  3. Make sure you can use the necessary equipment:

    -Stop watch
    -Hair styling products
    -Sun bed
    -Moisturising products
    -Mirror (wall mounted and pocket)
    -Baby oil
    -i-pod with boy band music

    edited to add more items

  4. Advice on training?

    Get used to being the most hated person in your unit :wink:
  5. Unless your integrity is really bad and you pass your mates without them actually doing anything. Then you'll be the most popular. 8)
  6. Completed mine in May, great course guvnor. Just cover all the basics like being fit as hell and having the confidence to get up and take a lesson. The corp blokes that take you are good lads and are there to teach as well as beast so don`t be afraid to ask them questions . It`s pretty intensive and you can cover up to 5 sessions/lessons per day so bring plenty of motivation too !! PM me if you need to know anything in detail as i`m sure the others online don`t want to be bored with the in and outs of such a course.
  7. You have PM.
  8. You forgot a small Thai tattooist in your bergen to add a little blue battleship / Challenger / "Mum" or similar to those burgeoning biceps.

    I have to admit I was surprised by the tattoos garnishing the last PTI I met. I'd never met anyone in Her Majesty's pay with that much blue ink on them. He was practically a Smurf. But, he being a SSgt, I didn't think to mention it! 8O

  9. I dont think I could spoil my lovely biceps with ink.

    How can you improve on perfection.
  10. I am on it in march, and asked the same questions on here a couple of months ago. So there is a fare bit of info on here to do with it, I had a lot of good advice.
  11. round my beautful body twice!GO!!!!
  12. You're on the right course!
  13. Hello chaps, does anyone know when the next PTI course is? Thanks! Also do you have to do that DITS or classroom instruction course thingy before you go? Thanks.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    When you have the answers, please can you add them to the wiki: