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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by NOEL, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Have been asked if i was interested in doing the PTI coursse. Can anyone please let me know what is involved. Thanks
  2. Have you been visiting those sun beds again?
  3. Man...that's a great 'wah'. Come on, even Phase 1 recuits know what a PTI does. If you've been in long enough to do a course and your hierarchy reckon you're fit enough to do it then you must have at least taken part in PT lessons. From what I understand, the AIPT (only SNCOs from the APTC are actually called PTIs) course involves lots of PT. There are a couple of periods where they let you off PT and you practice synchronised posing in the mirror, applying fake tan, putting gel in your hair and stuff like that.

    Many people like to argue that it's a reasonable alternative to actually becoming proficient in your trade, however I reserve my judgement. :twisted:
  4. It's a question. You have to say yes or no.
  5. 9 weeks of being back in basic training with a pile of people that struggle to communicate in anything other than grunts. And then spunk a pile of your hard-earned on PTI branded bottle openers etc from the PRI.

    Oh, and theres some PT thrown in, just a little too.
  6. 4 times around my bronzed ego. GO!!!!

    Feckin PTI's
  7. are you arrse at your trade? as arrse tradesmen/women get asked to go PTI
    im putting my helmet on now and waiting for incoming!!
  8. Ah that'll explain why they've never asked me then :roll:
  9. They've never asked you because you're a fat cnut :D
  10. I believe the phrase i was looking for is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, that took you 4 minutes stabwanker, you disapoint me
  11. the old waaah creeps back !
  12. I'm all for it. You can't beat a good wah. I haven't wah'd BoneyM for a must be overdue. :)
  13. INCOMING! I think it is more like if you are not allowed to do your trade. I was in Nienburg with Engineers, and German tradesmen were employed to build an indoor shooting range.... when we had a unit full of tradesmen!!! :evil: