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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by semper, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. Hello
    considering applying for a PTI instructors course within the ACF , from what i understand it is exactly the same course as with the TA/Regs, i believe it is at the same loction as the Reg/TA course would be, not exactly sure where tho.

    could anybody who has been through it to tell me what to expect and what preparation i would need to complete the course, how long it will last etc

  2. Crikey, are you sure it's the same course? I didn't know we could do it!
  3. well i have been told in order to manage an obstacle course,withinthe ACF i have to go through this course.
  4. Hmmm...I would say no, you just have to do an obstacle supervisors course, they've ran them on my ACF camps. It was done by Army PTIs though, I remember. However, I may be wrong, they may have changed the course requirements!! Mind you, I'd certainly relish the chance of doing a PTI course through the ACF, must be bloody hard though!
  5. I would just like to iron this point out. The regular PTI course is not the same as the ACF course. As an ACF instructor you will be taught the relevant skills required for use within the ACF. This includes Body preperation and running an assault course, basic Pt etc. I doubt that ACf instructors would be able to take the time out to do the reg course. As you may know the PTI course isnt a small one.


  6. LOL @ even the TA and Reg PTI course being the same, I think you need to do a LOT more research
  7. hence this thread

    BTW to everyone else, can we keep the usual ACF v Regs/TA bashing out ? this is a sensible question which requires a sensible answer.

    if you want ACf bashing i can create a thread in teh NAAFI for that purpose.
  8. Need to do OCI cse to run an assault course with ACF (not able to conduct races though, only PTI can do that) OCI is usually 1 or 2 days and is not in the least challenging if you look at some of the hippos who are now qualified!
  9. which unfortunately sets a bad example :roll:
  10. It really does take the p1ss when some of the instructors can't even demo the obstacle they are trying to teach the kids to do, like a 6ft (more like 5ft) wall. Some people have no shame, the best lesson is a good example IMHO!
  11. There is no PTI qualification currently available to the Cadet Forces.

    Obstacle Course Instructor qualification is valid for three years, after which individuals have to requalify.

    The course lasts for 2 days and individuals do have to be able to demonstrate the techniques for each obstacle.

    The qualification is limited to Type A, B & C obstacle courses and does not cover anything deemed to be non-synopsis (high ropes etc).

    OCIs are not PTIs and cannot conduct competitions / races etc.

    They cannot start introducing physical training into training programmes. If you want to make things more challenging speak to your Trg Offrs about getting some assistance from properly qualified PTIs. Your TSA can provide you with advice.