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I have just finished my TA Phase 1 training & hopefuly will do my Phase 2 around April. In the long term i definately want to do the PTI course. As there is not one to ask at my unit (well i never see one anyway) i am hoping that there may be some PTI's on this forum that could tell me:
a) if there are any Pre-requisites.
b) what standard of fitness is needed.
c) how long the course is

& anything else that i might find useful.

Im 22 female. Have degree in Sport & Exercise Science, im a qualified Personal Trainer & have various coaching quals. Im reasonably fit - nothing to be embarrased about anyways. I figured that i was probably suitable material.

Any advice would be gratefuly recieved.
Thanks in Advance
Green on your BPFA, and you must be able to complete the TACFT standard for infantry :)

Fitness isnt a massive requirement, yes you will be put through your paces, however the main effort on the course is to teach you how to take various PT lessons and also conduct BPFA's and CFT's.

Be prepared to put everything you know from civilian coaching to the back of the mind though as they do things slightly differently in the forces as you are no doubt already familiar with.

The last i heard the course was still 2 weeks long, and required a refresher course after 3 years or so, mainly to bring you up to speed with any changes.
Its 10 days long (monday till the following friday) you must complete the following:

45 press ups in 2 minutes (aim for 60+)
55 sit ups in 2 minutes (aim for 70+)
2.4km in under 10.30 (Aim for under 09.30)
the course is gender free not gender fair so boys and girlies have to do the same!

as said already TA CFT with 25kg and also the military swim test which is 50 metres in C95 shirt and trousers then pull yourself over the wall at the end of the pool!

Its the best course Ive attended, for 3 months before the course I binned all Gym and weights and just did press ups,sit ups and running (I was advised to do this by my old PTI, it worked for me)

you need to do a refresher within 5 years of the date you pass to remain "in date" but when I did the course there was talk of a TA PTI class 2 and then a Class 1 with bolt on weekend courses inbetween which would result in the formation of a APTC (V) (which you would rebadge to). You dont need to be mega mega fit but just prepare yourself otherwise you'll look a tit running around the track blowing out your arse!

If you want any more info PM me.
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