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  1. Hi guys old solider myself did lots of years in HM's glorious Corps of Engineers, now my step son has decided that he wants to join up and ideally would like to serve as a PTI's (hes done A level courses in physical training and sports science). I obviously don't want to discourage him but would love to get the low down from any serving or ex PTI's as I haven't got a clue what the gym queens did except pose lol....but seriously I want to make sure he goes in with eyes wide open and would be interested in the career profiles etc as its very different to what I did to be true honest I am not even sure which service has the best PTI training, careers etc might even allow him to be a Blue Job or even worse one of them sea born loonies just glad he has decided to follow in my footsteps and serve.

    Cheers in advance
  2. He needs to decide where he wants to go first, everyone has PTI's. Does he want a trade or go Inf etc?
  3. The RAF produce better PTIs and they do it as a full trade. No need to arse about doing something else for a few years first.
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  4. You are of course somewhat limited when you leave. Learn a trade first.
  5. Rent-boy?
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  6. Rubbish.

    Its certainly a viable career path, inside or outside the services, judging by the ERIs i speak to at Headley.
  7. Fool! PTIs never leave leave, their tans just fade away 'till you can no longer see them.
  8. You can tell how awesome they are by the fine physical shape of the RA..... oh hold on.
  9. Yes indeed, but far better with a trade as well.
  10. i doubt that if they haven't practiced that trade for a number of years.
  11. It breaks my heart to say it but the RAF is probably the way to go for the reason Dingerr says, he can go straight in as a PTI. As for having a trade when he leaves, the fitness and leisure industry is perhaps one of the few growth areas available at the moment if the ratio of staff to customers and my local sports centre is anything to go by. Then there's personal trainers of course but this isn't the NAAFI so...
  12. Lol thanks guys but seriously he is presently in his first year at uni and courtesy of the new rules and financial constraints etc and the fact my wife has been made redundant we cant, and he can't afford him to stay on (he was studying to be a sports teacher). He obviously does not want to waste what he has and loves teaching so I thought that maybe the PTI stream might do him some good. I will be very honest I am from a rough as arse's part of Manchester where we were taught remedial Uzi stripping and drug dealing at primary school, he isn't (lives in a nice part of Kent) so I don't think he would be cut out for teeth arms.
  13. Lol thanks Beefer just beat me too it I will have to see if I can get the real gen from the Blues this week know the local recruiter...
  14. I thought potential PTIs had to be proficient in at least two sports at county level before they'd even look at you, but it appears that's bollocks - as was the 'PJIs are all Squippers' lie I was fed by some cnut in the dim, distant pre-internet past, which lead to me picking an entirely wrong trade.

    Physical Training Instructor - Personnel support careers - RAF Careers
  15. RAF PTI's can specialise in three main areas having initially gained their teaching confidence in the gym world. - Medical Rehab, Adv. Training Centres, or as PJI's. Each of these specialised skills lead to civvy qualifications.

    Medical Rehab, basic qual then advance and rebadge to Medical Branch as Physios.

    Adv. Training Centre - ML Quals which in some postings lead on to MR teams, Dive Master, Sailing, Canoeing, tickets et al

    PJI - A lot of the guys now chase BPA Instructor / Advanced Instr. civvy quals and in turn end up at one of the military sport para centres.

    You are not restricted to one of the above and can cross deck to other 'Q' annotations as the opportunities arise