PTI - Basic (TA) course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Anyone done it fairly recently ?

    I have a few questions if you have

    1. Is it still in Aldershot ?
    2. Is it ran during the weekend ? What I mean is, the 2 weeks you are up there, do you get the weekend off or does it run straight through ?
    3. What are the daily start and end times ?
    4. Is there any requirements beyond being able to pass a PFT and CFT ?

    Cheers in advance
  2. Your question 3 is time dependent on how long it takes one to apply superhold hair gel and vast amounts of self tan and titnted moisturisers.....

    Fetching coat at the double....
  3. Interesting PTI fact.....

    Gender/age free min. PTI pass levels are soon to be:

    Run = 9.30

    Press-ups = 50 in 2 mins

    Sit-ups = 60 in 2 mins
  4. Too slow...back again!

    I'll fetch my tracksuit top...
  6. Another reply from one who's not done it:

    Requirements also included passing the swimming test, which I think is about 1 width. It used to be in swimming trunks, not in uniform & boots like on the commando tests.

    Also, you will be tested on things like your ability to warm up, cool down & control a squad (on a CFT, assault course, etc), and use markers for safe road crossing.

    Don't know about written tests - would expect there'll be some.

    Sorry can't help further.
  7. it is ran from the army school of physical training at aldershot make sure you go to tiffanys

    i think we finished for lunch on saturday and had sunday off also

    as any course up at 0630 lessons started between 0800- 0830

    day 1 pft everyone gets 10mins 30secs for 2.4km 44 pressups 50 situps, then military swim test tread water for 2 mins then 50m swim in 4 mins climb out of pool unaided, day two 8 mile cft 1h55m - 2hrs, re test pft if you fail your sent home

    i would suggest reading up on anatomy and physiology of the body as there is alot to take in.

    every day you doing at least 4 lessons of practical so most of the time we were asleep by 9pm
  8. swim test is done in cs95 pants and shirt and 25kg in bergan

    sunbed lessons were useful my mum thought i'd been to spain when i got back

    there was also an optional lesson on highlighting your own hair, i was good at this class.

    energy drinks, lots of fruit hair straighteners and hair mouse are a must !

    and dont worry about washing your kit as it never gets dirty or swetty!
  9. You can even go if you are short and Ginger like my mate, take some spare cash for all the (look at me) kit you can buy.
  10. Mate who did it was surprised at the number of people who seemed very smart on the course .Who failed basic fitness tests and hence the course .So get the basics right first.
  11. Yes
    Weekends off, from Friday. Expect stag over the weekend unless you fancy heading home; then you swap with a mate

    Early o'clock, finish up late afternoon

    No, but make sure you can. It's still the current 17-30 male infantry standards. You would need a fair degree of stamina, as the 4-5 fizz sessions a day will wear you out. You'll be surprised who rocks up expecting to pass and can't do complete the basics - especially running or tabbing.
    If you want any more info, I updated the Forum FAQ's back in October after completing the course. Have a wee look there. Hope this helps
  12. When I did mine, our Instructors Mrs had just brought a spray tanning kit and offered everyone a all over tan for cash, a few had it done, they looked like a right bunch of tangomen, they all left big brown stains over their sheets as well, wether this was caused by fake tan or something else was never discovered!
  13. i tried dove summer sun nowadays i find the mix of moisture vs self tan a good blend just dont forget to wash your hands when you've finished!

    parts to avoid fronts of the knees and around the ankles. oh and no need to do your scrotum