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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pocket fox, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. Units just informed me i didnt selected to get on the march 2012 course. does anybody know what the dates are for 2012 - 2013 course please
  2. Its OK guys, i'll get this one.... ASK YOUR PSI !?!?
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  3. I Have asked but unfortunatly he isnt in his office and i have just put in 6 months training preparing for it and booked the time time off work which is not easy so forgive me for being eager to get some information on the off chance i might find out before he returns on monday as at the moment i am ******* gutted , thanks
  4. Offer to go as a travelling reserve, and take pot luck.

    At least you've now learnt an important lesson, don't book holiday unless you have a course booking confirmation.
  5. Dont worry, the 6 months training isn't in vain. Once you are a qualified PTI you will be expected to maintain that same level of fitness as you may be called upon by the school of PT at Aldershot to review your abilities as a PTI, including completion of the pertinent physical tests.

    Regarding knowledge of course dates, there is a MOD on here that may be able to help but his name escapes me, have you tried the search function?
  6. what is a travelling reserve does it mean i wait for a phone call on the morning of the course or i go down there hoping a space comes available? On the holidays work insists we book holidays in october for the next year so i have to gamble on that one .
  7. October that's a little harsh, can't you speak to them and explain the issue?

    No the best thing to do is chat to them over the phone and see if they are happy to take travelling reserves, but you will need to go down and sit on the doorstep and hope someone jacks it.
  8. Day 1 starts with a PFA, and believe it or not some have turned up and failed!
  9. work are pretty good at giving me what i need but there is only two of us in my position and if he is on holiday when i need to go on course then i can do nothing about it. hopefully the reserve thing will happen .thanks for the replys
  10. if someone fails are they prepared to put someone in their place or is that place then closed off?
  11. At least you got an answer. My PSI just shrugs his shoulders when I ask if I've been loaded on it. Wouldn't mind so much be he hadn't allready fucked it up last September.
  12. If you're a determined take-no-nonsense type, pack your kit and turn up with a blank look and blag yourself on the course. There's always someone who doesn't turn up.

    Years ago I went in to the TAC and booked me & a couple of others on a course we'd been waiting on for ages. The PSI was in the RSM's office (in the comfortable chair) nextdoor chatting to his new bird on the phone for so long that I was in & out before he was finished.
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  13. definately an option cheers for that
  14. Phone your Brigade RTC, and ask for the QMSI PT there. Usually an NRPS seconded from the PT school at Aldershot, you'll get nowhere near the course without passing the selection weekend run by him at the RTC.
  15. theres a selection for a pti course now... how many selection does the army wanted. "im on selection..." what happened to turning up on a course and passing it without all this crap :/