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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Arrse_onist, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Morning all.

    I have recently acquired a third stripe and so have to get my sewing kit out and attack my PTI blue jacket.

    My question is, as an All Arms PTI, are the three stripes still accompanied by the crossed swords or do the swords come off now?

    It seems like a silly question but i seem to remember a comment from a year or so ago whereby somebody thought the three stripes and swords should not be worn together.

    Could anybody please confirm or tell me where in dress regs i might find the details?


  2. 81 views and nobody knows? :-(
  3. Firstly, congrats :).

    I had a quick Google only found a couple of images. The image is of slides, not blue jacket, and described as PTI, not AAPTI, however it would seem to make sense that, if you wear the swords with your full-screw tapes, then you do the same with your sergeant tapes (which is how I remember it - but that was a while ago and my memory isn't... erm... yeah). Mind you, this is the military so sense is not a prerequisite for such matters ^_~. Probably not much help, sorry.

  4. I'm sure your local Bde SMI will be able to answer the question.
  5. I've been wearing three stripes and swords for a few weeks now and nobody has said a thing. The tailor who refused to put the green swords on my shirt as it's the wrong badge according to dress regs is pretty clued up on that sort of stuff and she was happy to put them onto my jumpers... so I assume that they can be worn.
  6. Im sure he will, although I had hoped not to have to bother him with such trivia. Ah well. Thanks for your input gents.
  7. 'kinell! Kept that one quiet, didn't you?
  8. Photos or it's not true. You know the rules, and they work both ways.

    Please be a bloke, please be a bloke.
  9. I tried google images for PTIs but nothing suitable came up. I couldnt possibly post a pic of myself, it would break the misconception that all PTIs are massive, ripped and stunningly handsome, plus you may have nightmares.
  10. I just bounced the question to the QMSI with a grovelling apology for wasting his time. Need to get it squared before the weekend so hope he comes back to me.
  11. You didnt ask! :biggrin:
  12. Ah ha, found this on the Silver Stars web page...


    Edited to add, this isnt me, nor is it an offering for you Sluggy, it does however show a stripey in blue jacket without swords!
  13. He is RAPTC, that's why he doesn't wear his. He instead has his cap badge shield on his chest.
  14. Sigh. Lets hope the QMSI comes up trumps!
  15. I had to stop wearing mine at Sgt. However, that was my Corps dress regs.

    Edited to add:
    Actually, I had to stop wearing them at Cpl as I was a AASAA instructor, it is a senior qualification to the swords.