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I know this has been done on hear before but i can't seem to find what i am looking for. Can any one answer a few questions for me. It looks as if i will be having ago at the pti course sometime early next year, but i have heard that thing's might of changed with the way the course is run now. Dose any one know if it has what is the new format. And do you know if it is possible to get anything useful out of it that might be of use in civi street thanks.
PM Scotsman Ricky, he's the resident fountain of knowledge for all things PTI-ey. There's wiki page for TA PTI as well, should answer your questions.

Alternatively, if you're patient, I'll be doing the course in September (if Kandahar isn't calling), will let you know...
Monster said:
Dose any one know if it has what is the new format
Last docs I read had the course your doing as the PTI Basic, to be followed by Intermeadiate and Advanced (all 3 fortnight courses). When advanced you can join the PTI corps proper and spend the remainder of your TA career at Bde regional training centres
Thanks for the info people
eSeL if you could give me a run down of the course i would be grateful, i can't do it this year i am already coursed up so you will having ago before me.
Excellent, thanks for that! BTW is anyone else on the course starting 21st Aug?
Thanks for the course review. Why 'Army Code of Conduct' is this where PTI's are told they are Gods gift and must wear crossed swords where ever possible??
The same one that says that airborne personal must wear maroon and wings even when not required, i.e. berets on the pop.
Yeah berets (and not to forget marron t-shirts) on the p*ss is just basic drinking skills, you learn that on you Para reg recruit cadre :D.

I wrote that post course report for one of my uni modules in March 05 (IIRC) so this pre dates the new MATTs and may have changed format (however I spoke ot my mucker who is on the course this last 2 weeks it seems more or less the same) but it posted it so that others can have a good idea of what to expect.

Now we all know SR has his fetish for maroon berets and T-shirts when on the p**s, how else will he get the fat ones!!!!! (ACUTB)

How are you SR?

Has you co-hort adjusted to RTC life? and are you enjoying life back at ur unit?
Scots, gone but can't be forgotten!! last I heard he was on SC up in the sticksconverting the OTW course into a baby P company! good drills
Excellent, can always rely on SR to keep morale high he he he

Atleast he is commited to his cause, or should that just be commited? I'll let you decide!

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