pte soldier living in ssfa needs help!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by padsbratTR1v, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Im a junior private living in ssfa and am having serious problems with my finance the the accom im in is grade one and was given it because there was a 6mth waiting list for qtrs on the patch. The first two months I was living here I was not charged rent which I brought to the attention of jpa now I am in arrears of £500 and am having more and more problems affording to just live on the wages I get. To cut a long story short im being charged around £400pm to live here any help will be appreciated
  2. get UWO to sort this; as its SSFA and not a private rental agreement should be no problem. were there any extra charges above your SSFA that you were responsible for eg,did you voluntarily take a property above your entitlement?
  3. it is a privately rented house we had no choice but to accept the qtrs we've now heard that we should never have been offered this place as im a private and cant afford the live here the other problem I have is im going through pdt which gives me zero time to do any admin without missing training which is is important for my upcoming tour.
    p.s thanx for your reply
  4. it

    a. a private rental agreement that you as an indivual has taken with the landlord?


    b. you were offered a quarter and declined it (for what ever reason) and chose to rent privately


    c. no quarters were avail and you were given a non availabilty and found a private house by the military?

    if (a) or (b) you're in the sh!t and you need to sort this sharpish, starting with a call to the landlord to explain the situation.

    If (c) the army have to sort this out, but you need to speak with your unit staff ASAP. If its (a) or (b) then its not SSFA, you're renting privately, be careful with the definitions, can be confusioning.

    However, i don't understand if there genuinely no quarters available within 10 miles of your duty station you weren't housed by the army.
  5. There were and are no qtrs avaliable although there are many empty, a new reg is coming in from germany and they are being saved for them even tho we are here and now need a SFA, the property we are in was not a private agreement its defo SSFA they put us here due to the apparent lack of housing but the amount we are paying is 3x more then people on the patch somehow weather it costs them more or not i dont find this fair its their problem they dont have qtrs not mine, did i fail to also mention there are 29 derilict houses within the patch that have not and will not be done up, its been this way for 8 yrs and the 1 time they did re-vamp them NO ONE was moved into them im disgusted
  6. ssfa always costs more as its normally grade 1. the MQs on the patch are normally much poorer quality.

    does the £400 pcm include your CILOCT?
  7. yes this is including cilcot the place we're at now is a two bed 3rd floor apartment were as the qtrs on the patch are two or three bed houses but there aren't enough two bed houses for the ppl who need them so they are putting ppl in the three bed houses and charging them for a two I dont understand how they can do this for others but no us ive been in the army for just over a yr and as im sure you can guess i dont earn as much as other ranks who have to pay much much less to live in a bigger house
  8. sounds like you may have good grounds for a move on welfare grounds; but beware you may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. The old MQs may be very poor quality, no shower, poor heating, poor complaints and repair system...etc

    You'll be paying the equivilent of a MQ of the same grade and quality. check with unit staff that you are paying the right grade, and speak with UWO or boss if you feel you have a case to be moved. given the choice i would have ssfa over a mq everytime, even if it does cost more
  9. Just be aware as well that when the other Regt gets to your location there will be personnel getting quarters at Brize! There are issues with the quarters and I can assure you that at least one of the current COs is taking a very keen interest.
  10. HLM, hence my point, about careful what you wish for!!!
  11. We have been told the CO has taken a interest in our case, (but have had no feed back from the CO) (the UWO has told my wife this) not only because of the amount of money we are paying when my wife is only able to work part time but because we are being evicted, we are already in 500 debt and a move could mean more arrears due to them not takin our new rent straight away and i wonder how this will be paid back ever if we are put into SSFA again
  12. I agree with you that some of the MQs are crappy, we have some that are awful, some are ok and some are borderline (from people i know and houses ive been in) i guess its luck of the draw. My biggest concern is mostly paying back these arrears and providing enough for my wife, she had a very comfortable life before we arrived here if not able to find work in her profession so workin part time as a sales assistant good jobs are hard to find in these parts without having to shed out to travel to the city
  13. i don't understand why you are being evicted if you are in SSFA?

    The army pays your rent directly to the landlord or his agent; the agents are very efficient at reminding army that they are late? You can't incur arrears in SSFA? Spk to UWO and RAO asap.
  14. The landlord is selling the property, he notified us after being here for 2 1/2 months, the arrears are in my pay statement where the army did not take out qtr charge out for 2 months its not a debt to the landlord or agent its coming on my payslip as a :- Net public debt
  15. so, you'll be moving into a quarter then,pay what you owe for the time you lived there, problem solved??