Pte. or 2 Lt.??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by theboy_thelegend, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Sorry if this is a bit of a bone post, but I've got a bit of a dilemma at the mo. I've just failed the final round of the army scolarship RCB and although I'm obviously gutted, there are a few good points, these being the report on my performance and being told I should now find the RCB 'a walk in the park'. However, I'm not sure if I want to, or should, be an h'officer. Ive been a cdt. for a while, been on numerous camps and have enjoyed all that thoroughly. On the Scolarship board, i seemed to get on with the SNCO's better than the commisioned officers which leads me to ask, should I go with my head and get (hopefully!) a commision or go with my gut and give the ranks a go.
    Any replys would be much appreciated! :D

  2. How can anyone reply to that? It is down completely and utterly to personal choice and the type of person that you are!! No-one would be able to tell you this without knowing you properly first.
  3. Your gut instinct is usually the right one.
    Ask yourself this do you want a fast track to leadership and responsibility? (Officer route only takes 12 months), or are you happy to get there through hard work, proving you have the ability and by proving yourself at each and every level?
    Seriously many cadets I have met over the years have found it hard to adjust back to being a Private in the Regular Army if they have held rank in the Cadet Forces. I in fact was the same SNCO in the ACF then joined the Regs got a harder time than most through basic trg becuase I should have known more than others then spent the last 20 years working my way up the ranks now moving from WO2 to Commissioned Officer I would not have had it any other way but then the same may not appeal to others.

    Whatever you choose make sure you have the conviction to see it through - good luck mate

  4. Do a bit more research. Have you been on a potential officer familiarisation visit, or done a cadet attachment to a unit where you have been able to muck in with the lads? That would give you a more accurate picture of what your contemporaries would be like when you joined. What have your old mates from cadets done? Any joined up? Commissioned or Non Commissioned? What do they think. What's your background like? Not only do you get on with them, but will they get on with you (if you see the difference). What are your expectations and ambitions? Also check out the conditions of service, the payscales etc. Speak to soemone in a recruiting office and to a schools liaison officer. As Ronnie said its entirely a personal matter. Your task is to inform yourself in order to be able to make the right personal decision.

    Oh, and good luck!
  5. I'm sure that when you go through basic training, those SNCO's will still be your 'mates' if you decide to go the non-commissioned route.

    As stated before, it's down to individual choice as to what path you choose.....
  6. When I first told my parents I wanted to join the Army, when I was 14, the response was: "dont be stupid!" :lol: , and once they'd calmed down: "as an officer, of course?" I didnt even know what that meant, but I agreed...

    Although they were utlimately right, it seems strange looking back that I didnt look at enlistment more seriously.

    You know what your options are, the choice is yours!

    I'm presuming you've got a year or so to go... Take that time to find out as much as you can, and think it over.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Join the TA as a tom and see if it floats your boat.

  8. Thanks a lot guys, any insight is useful!
  9. Which army are you considering joining? :? The correct abbreviations in the British Army are Pte. for a private soldier and 2 Lt. for a Subaltern or Second Lieutenant. :D
  10. Which army are you considering joining? The correct abbreviations in the British Army are Pte. for a private soldier and 2 Lt. for a Subaltern or Second Lieutenant. - DieHard57

    I was wondering what a PVT was ........ LOL
  11. [​IMG]
    Any wiser now? :lol:
  12. Woops, sorry!
  13. All depends on your view really. Do you wanted to be treated like a C**t for the first few years of your career or just thought of as one?

    Asking a question like "should I be an Officer or a Soldier"? opens you up to all sorts of problems should you decide to become an enlisted man. Imagine saying to your room mates from the arrse end of any rough town in UK that you had considered being a rodney and you just thought it would be a more jolly jape to be "one of you chaps"?

    I would hate to be your arrsehole. If you consider yourself Officer material then you must think hard about going that route. I am not trying to scare you or take the pish just pointing out a few realities. If you did decide to make a go of being a soldier first then fair play to you but realise it will be tough. It will also be good experience if you decide to go for RCB after having served 5 or 6 years as a tom.

    I do know a now Brigadier who was formerly an Radio Telegraphist Cpl in the Royal Signals, who every time you meet him insists on mentioning the fact! Can't have done hime any harm..

    Whatever you decide...good luck!
  14. I initially tried to be an enlisted tanker, they wouldn't take me as I'm slightly colour deficient. Less critical as an LT for some reason, so I was pretty much forced into being an officer in the US military. (I had been enlisted previously in the Irish military, and still went through US Basic as an enlisted man). The pay's definitely better, and you don't do the backbreaking menial work as an LT, but on the other hand, you're probably going to be up doing ossifer stuff long after the troops have gone to sleep. The work's just as hard, don't delude yourself, but it's different.

    The way I look at it, officers decide what needs to be done, NCOs decide how best to do it, and junior enlisted get out there and get it done. Do you see yourself in the first category, or the second two? Officers rarely have fun. It's always "Sergeant do this, do that", they rarely are found firing the missiles, blowing charges, lobbing grenades and so on.

  15. I have to agree with msr, join the TA as a tom.
    That’s the path I’m following.

    I love every minuet of being a STAB OR (well almost) and it’s only confirmed that I want to become a regular officer.
    I have my RCB coming up shortly and I know that my time with the TA has given me the confidence, insight into leadership, and a better knowledge of the army that can only improve my chances of succeeding.

    Should I fail then I still have the best of both worlds in the TA.

    The TA is the way forward if you haven’t decided what you want, you’ll quickly discover if the army is for you and what direction you want your career to take, and it gives you opportunities that you would never have as a normal civvy.

    Don’t join the OTC when you get to uni, they’re not part time soldiers like the TA, they’re just cnuts :wink: