Pte Michelle Norris, MC

Well done. Bravery that the rest of us big lumps of macho can only aspire to.
Nice one, good to see.
Magnificent! Interviewed for BBC TV, and she came over as an exceptionally professional, self-possessed, mature young woman. Well done!


Book Reviewer
Agreed. And well done to the USMC pilot who did the CASEVAC (he was also on the news receiving his medal at the same time)
Exelent stuff , as spiffy says "she's got balls " damm right and may she go far, at 19yrs she's a credit to herself and the forces.

D.I.S.C.O as one who is a raspbery ripple I find your signature very hard to sing, does it scan right ? or am I just tone deaf as well :)


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