Pte-lcpl board??

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Sausageandbeans, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone think the PTE-LCPL board will be a big board this year? One of my soldiers has been recommended two ranks up and for DE commission? He's worried that if he goes for officer selection, he will miss out getting picked up on the 1st oct. any suggestions??

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  2. TA or reg?

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  3. Regular

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  4. If what you say is true it shouldn't matter if it's a big board or not. For clarity where is he positioned in the Regiment amongst the other Privates?

    His selection for promotion shouldn't be affected by potential commissioning as I assume his SJAR will go to the board regardless?


    why the **** are you sticking your oar in? You're not current nor are you feasible as an advisor on this thread.
  5. He in a mix capbadge company and came second out of his capbadge (RLC) top third in the company all arms.

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  6. So potentially, you're not going to hit the top 10 of the Regiment after the other Coys chip in with their nominations.

    You shouldn't second guess the promotion board, doing so only leads to disappointment. Having said that the potential of being selected for training as a DE Officer will not negatively affect your chance at the board as long as your SJAR has been completed correctly.
  7. Spaz is correct. Application to be considered for commission does not remove you from the promotion selection process as a JNCO. Always worth ensuring his CoC has ensured SJAR is at Glasgow.
  8. He can check that himself by viewing the report on JPA.
  9. Id add that a recomendation for DE commission is not the same as actually applying for one - he, and possibly you? need to be conversant with the paperwork to be completed to see him be considered.
  10. Hmmm, he can, always a fan of a phone call myself - dont trust these new fangled typey machines.
  11. Sorry, but I would have thought that going from Pte rank to a commission might have entitled me to comment, however, I will leave you RCT blokes to it.

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  12. RCT - how very dare you.
  13. So did this bloke:


    and his input would be as credible as yours.
  14. Does it matter where you came in a company that's mix capbadge? I.e MPGs,RA,RE,AAC,infantry?

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  15. Yes of course, you might be the best loggie in the coy but that wouldn't be saying much if you were graded 17/20 Ptes overall.

    If he's just sneaked into the coy top third, he could well be bumped into the middle third on a regimental grading board. That's if you have a regimental board of course. I get the impression that you're not in a field force unit.