Pte Jessica Lynch &t Military spin.

With the return of Pt Lynch from Iraq & being hailed a heroine,it now looks like the PR stunt is now comming back to hurt the Pentagon & the Military.
From the Daily Telegraph;

But for her honesty, she was the perfect Pentagon hero

By Nigel Farndale, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 29/04/2007

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We have been here before, in fiction at least.

Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth. One of his assignments is to invent a hero whose bravery will reflect well on Big Brother. Step forward "Comrade Ogilvy". At the age of three, Ogilvy had refused all toys except a drum, a sub-machine gun and a model helicopter. At nine, he had been a troop leader in the Spies. At 23 he had perished heroically in action. Pursued by enemy jet planes while flying over the Indian Ocean with important despatches, he had weighted his body with a machine gun and leapt out of the helicopter into deep water, despatches and all.

Big Brother is pleased with the draft of the imaginary hero's imaginary life. He adds a few remarks about Ogilvy's purity and single-mindedness. He considers awarding him a medal.

The date George Orwell chose for the title of his novel was the reverse of the year he wrote it, 1948. Other than that it was arbitrary. As the past could be rewritten, the year did not matter. Instead of 1984 he could have called it, say, 2003. That, as it happens, was the year when another ministry of truth, one known as the Pentagon, decided a hero was needed to reflect well on the president.
Very interesting article indeed, spike. Thanks for posting that.

I must admit I have the greatest respect and admiration for this young lady. When she could have kept her gob shut and bathed in the accolades, she decided to follow her conscience. In doing so she displayed a strength of character that puts those in the Septic gobment and the military head-sheds to shame.

The obvious conclusion that your average Septic should draw from this episode is: if they fücked us over on this one (and the Pat Tillman story), what else is there? But somehow I don't think that'll happen.



"Also, the Pentagon did get something right, inadvertently. Jessica Lynch did prove herself brave. In a world of military propaganda and disinformation, it takes courage to speak the truth."

At least this has the ring of truth. This is heartening as the good old US of A is not renown for pulling "splitters" to their bosom. Well done Ms Lynch.


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