Pte J Whitton MM

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by plaster, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. i dont want this to turn into a find whos who for others,, but can any of you find anything to do with private J.Witton MM of the kings own..He "won" it in the 2ww,, thanks if any of you can,,
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  2. thank you,,,
  3. No problem, there's also an MI9 Escape and Evasion report completed by him available at the National Archives. I'll photograph it on my next visit to Kew if you like?
  4. yes please,, the gents had some bad luck,, and i am trying to replace some of what he has lost,,
  5. More than my pleasure to help out then. Hopefully have it within the week.
  6. the only thing they did not get hold of was the bit of card with the kings sig on.. he carrys that with him
  7. Has he been burgled then? It might be worth getting some publicity about it or at least letting it be known on a few of the WW2 forums. So medal collectors can keep their eyes out for it showing up.
  8. allready been found,,the scrot tryed to sell it in chester,,
  9. That's good news at least. Did they manage to catch the scrote as well?
  10. they did,, i just hope they put him away for a long time..
  11. i forgot how to open a new thread,,, hope this works ..

    no it did not :(
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Hint ?
  13. its ok cut,,, i am haveing one of them moments
  14. lets see if this works,, its the write up of mr witton

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