Pte Golden - Request for Assistance

This is explicitly not a thread to re-open all this again, but I am having a few problems tracking down images of this utter muppet for his Wiki article. I know that this thread played out this drama in real time (all 122 pages of it...) but all the hotlinked images have gone.

If anyone has managed to save any of them, could they PM them to me or provide a direct link to wherever they are - I will then upload to my own hoster. I suspect I am pitching this at ARRSErs who were here 2 years ago - doesn't time fly?

Currently looking around. I may have the "two big muscley lads" picture.... you know the one I mean :p
Proximo said:
I suspect I am pitching this at ARRSErs who were here 2 years ago - doesn't time fly?

I cant help you I'm afraid ...but I did start feeling all nostalgic reading that shite.

Ah, it was good time wasn't it?

We need MORE PrivateGoldens imho :D

Think some pics are in the walt search, him with his mate 'muscles'
I've seen more meat on a chicken drumstick.... after someone has eaten it!!!!!! :p
You know id be interested in what he is walting as now, has anyone got his letter that he posted up? The one which said the Paras thought he was Brilliant and sorry he was leaving, the one he faked.
Can't be arrsed to save and zoom, but is that a pic of the Golden one posing in the first photo Archimedes posted?!

Surely we have to introduce a "Walts - where are they now?" thread to monitor these threats to society!

The 122 pager on Golden has to be one of the funniest on ARRSE.
Bugger I have to log in to see the page.

I don't have the letter that says how great he was, and how sad it was they were that he was leaving.

But I do have the one that says he has passed the P Coy and the "Live Battlefield test". Was it only 3% of his course that passed?!?!?!?!? :twisted:

It must have been real it was signed by General Sir Jackson.
Now why did you have to post THAT picture, it makes me giggle like school girl every time I see it or even think about that skinny little runt! He he hee he he he he he he he he
The infamous letter

It may be nice to send a photo of PG (taken 2004) to 3 Para to file with their letter (dated 2005) and see what they make of his tattoo.

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