Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tattybadger, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Today's Telegraph has a long extract from Pte Beharry's memoirs - link here:

    Pte Beharry VC

    A gripping story that underlines the courage, tenacity, determination and sheer guts of him, his Coy and the average soldier serving in the British army. A great story that every individual who has never served should read - it amply demonstrates the qualities of almost all British soldiers.
  2. A very moving story that shows why we are the best and most highly regarded forces in the world. I feel so humbled and proud that Beharry joined us and his spirit and courage is inspirational to all who have, who want to or are serving.
  3. What would I of done? How would I of reacted?

    I was in the Army for 14 years and never experienced such a situation, Would I of curled up in a ball and cried?

    I don't know my true colours, I was never tested. Pte Beharry was tested and was not found wanting.

    If this man ever has to pay for his own drink again, somethings wrong.
  4. never served, and constantly astonished at his bravery
  5. Question.

    If he were discharged on medical grounds would he have to leave the country, as he does not hold a UK passport? Would we see him escorted to a flight flanked by two home office personnel?

    Personally any one who has or plans to serve in UK forces should automatically get a Passport if they wish one.

  6. I think there are nearly 20,000 members of this forum amongst others who would ensure that didn't happen!

  7. What an amazing bloke, I am definitely going to buy his book.
  8. Second extract in the Telegraph... Humbling.

    Book Extract
  9. I've not read the Telegraphs excerpts but I think that this will be on my next order to Amazon
  10. It appears that he has just been promoted as well:,,2-2006440616,00.html

    Congratulations LCpl Beharry.

    I read yesterday's Telegraph excerpt and was amazed by his humbleness and surprise at the award. It is also so sad to read of the problems that he is having on the road to recovery - good luck and best wishes to a great guy and a hero.
  11. Congratulations Lcpl Beharry. Well deserved.

  12. Truly amazing account from an amazingly brave character. Congratulations LCpl Beharry
  13. Reading that gives me confidence in people. What a fantastic young man.
  14. Congratulations mate, very well deserved.
  15. Words just aren't enough really. I was completely overwhelmed (and almost a bit un-manly!) reading those two pieces. These guys, and many before them and many to come, deserve nothing but the best of happiness in the rest of their lives.