A quick straw poll - who has the most generous CEO. I got 30 PTDs totalling nearly £3000 gross in the last FY (to beginning Apr 06).
Can anyone beat that?

EDITTED TO ADD: Not that I do it for the money of course - I just happened to get reimbursed for doing an 8 day course on top of everything else this year.
Our CEO is pretty mint, even pays out on V-Days of theres enough left in the kitty.

Except for Remembrance Sunday of Course, even if I got paid for that it'd go straight to the poppy appeal.
Managed 54 last year, did attend Frimley twice though, and managed an additional 15 PTD's from other ACF counties and TA. :)
Best I ever did was 52 back in the mid 90s.
Hmm, 68 Last year, and I am looking at having over 50 by the end of camp this summer.

It can't last forever tho, I have to finish my degree and get a real job!
My Coy have been making use of my FAW Qual, and so I get lots of weekends sat on my ARRSE, drinking tea, and then testing 20 kids on the recovery position at the end of it. Oh the golden rule that prohibits you from training and testing!
Just had my P60 come through, 57 ptd's from my brigade through glasgow, and 16 from external sources :)

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