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I've just had a gander at the Brecon School for Boys website (via ArmyNet) and whilst they do have an extensive online course directory, it sadly doesn't live up to its billing that, "Unlike the hard copy, this directory will be constantly updated and reflect any changes to the course programmes". The PTC course listed there is for Trg Year 2004-5.

The site is well worth looking at regardless. Go on to ArmyNet and type 'School of Infantry - Infantry Battle School' into the search function and click on the link. The joining instructions and for the PTC courses are for the Regular versions as far as I can find. If you do stumble onto a TA one there let us know. Out of interest, which one are you doing, Pln Cmdr, Seniors or Juniors?
Thanks, I actually found the PTC joining instructions last night - looking on armynet, under 'junior div', 'PTC.' the next one is 9 - 23 Feb 08. Im doing Pl Comd, hopefully then, if not then in September. You?

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