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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Panoptes, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. Morning,

    Can anyone recommend any items for my command kit that I should pre fabricate/fablon/laminate and bring with me prior to starting PTC (I believe one is given a stack of paper at the beginning anyway).

    I'm thinking along the lines of cards for estimates/QBOs/Wng order, but also FCO cards/9liners etc...., an entire NIREX orders template even!?

    Basically the goal is to have a few cards to hand to help me in adv to contacts and quick estimates as well as anything else that is common to come across at PTC without having a whole filing cabinet fall out of my pocket and having to rifle through it like a moron when it comes to it. (I'm going at the Pl Cmd level as well so it would be good if it was geared at that level- what others have seen go on would be great also)

    Any more general advice would be good aswell- ie specific bits of kit/ what to know off by heart from the TAM/PAM or what have you to enable smooth thought processes etc...



    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Dont bother just amke sure you take a laminating machine all the cards you want + some youll get issued at the start and i wouldnt bother wit a nirex as youll be made to use the TAM.
  3. Thanks!

    What crib cards would you have to hand immediately. Just Wng order and QBO's as usual?

  4. Slightly off thread- but make sure you have a good model kit.
  5. Yes my first thought on hearing command kit was model kit!
  6. do a search on arrsepedia
  7. Roger, Got a fairly decent model kit. I take it with 20 odd blokes per platoon each with a model kit there should be no drama fixing up a half decent model.

  8. I imagine you could give William Siborne a run for hi money with those sort of resources...
  9. In terms of a decent crib card, have a rifle through the TAM (Infantry) until you come across the various commander's considerations for an advance to contact. Laminate that and whack it in your top pocket. Learn the rest (acronyms etc) off by heart. You'll smash it I'm sure, you seem keen. From what I remember of this course (hopefully it has changed) the first week was spent ensuring all the CPLs, SGTs, PLT CMDRs were on the same page and the second was spent in the field. Most people were given a very short command appointment and judged on that. One poor sod got the CFT as a command appointment. The course was a waste of two weeks of my life (just one man's opinion) but the DS were incredibly experienced. Frankly if we'd just sat around talking to them for two weeks we'd have gained more.

    Oh, and no-one other than myself on the course could find themselves on a map. That was a particular shocker. PM me if you're stuck for lessons (DDCRAPS etc) that you should be boning up on. Enjoy.