Ptarmigan Vehicle Pictures


Anyone know where I can get hold of pictures of the following vehicles?

- Sw & FC
- NC
- PV

All I'm after is pictures showing a side view of the above vehicles which could be used in a powerpoint presentation.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out with this.
Top trumps (radio vehicles) is a good start

£3.95 at WHsmiths


Cheers for those pictures.

Just as a further one, do any of you know if you can get praysee's on CD from Blandford?
rrbitch said:
WOW Polar that central is sexy!!
If u think they're sexy you should see my FFR's......


Their was a CD called something like the 'TA Royal Signals CD' that contained most of the pams. Unfortunatley this is only available on RLI (its accessable from the G3 Trg link on Blandfords website), most PSAO's are connected to RLI or if your in 2 Sig Bde unit you can get onto RLI via your RAS laptops.

Alternatively try and get hold the Electronic Battle Box, CD2 contains many comms manuals (including Pam 2 - VP).

Also you can order some DCSA CD's (think its DCSA 5 and CDSA 6), these contain the latest versions of the Allied Communication Pams (ACP 121 etc) and AMSCERPS manual.

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