PT03 or other brand

If all goes well I should be starting basic training within the next 6 months, I'm due a new pair of running trainers and just wondered if it is worth buying a pair of the army issued PT03's to get used to them (if thats possible) or just to stick to what I know for the time being?
I used the PT03's and they are without a doubt the best trainers I have used so I would definitely recommend them, however there are a new model out - the PT - 1000 so they might be worth looking at.
So where is currently the best place to buty new PT-03's if your TA and cant access PRI and dont want to pay regular silly civvy price ?
PT03 are good, robust trainers no doubt. However I would advise you to visit a specialist running shop and get a gait analysis. This will point out any problems with your feet and if any particular trainers would help sort them out (or not make them worse).

In my case being a big lad I tended to go for cushioning in my choice - a couple of years back a woman in one of the shops persuaded me that gait analysis was a good idea. Turns out I have VERY severe overpronation, a diagnosis that was later confirmed by a physio in camp. Basically I had been running in the wrong type of trainers for god knows how long, doing my legs and back a bit of damage (my left leg is always in pain now, probably due to this).

Get your self looked at and save a lifetime of problems - the people in the shops are all runners and really keen to help in any way.
where do people get that PT 03 trainers are robust, catterick training area is littered with chunks of soles from them, get a pair of Asics

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