PT03 for all the wannabes...


Trainers developed with Army help

Civilians are being given the chance to use trainers that were developed with the help of the British Army.
The PT-03 running shoe, which is emblazoned with the crossed swords logo, is the first commercial product made in association with the Army.

Fitness instructors from the elite Physical Training Corps put the trainers through six months of tests.

The instructors also advised Warwickshire-based manufacturer UK Gear on the design of the new footwear.

David Hinde, managing director of UK Gear, said: "The PT-03 is a high performance running shoe.

"It was created with the help of the some of the fittest people on the planet - the Army's own fitness instructors - which means it will stand up to the demands of any runner."

Colonel Robin Clifford, head of the Army's commercial branch, said: "This pioneering initiative is in keeping with the Army's values of innovation, expertise and flexibility.

"We believe that activities like this, with Army personnel demonstrating that their specific skills can be of value and benefit to the public, are positive for the Army.

"Of course, the Army is very busy on operations and training, so we will only take part in such initiatives when they do not impact on our core initiatives."

The PT-03 will be available from specialist running shops, priced at £79.

A proportion of the revenue from sales will go back to the Army.


I read this in the Metro this morning, where some soldier was quoted as saying he'd only pay £50 for them...
I was clearing away all my old Home issue (reserve kit) for the tip, low and behold there were my 1983 issue "road slappers". Memories! Still went to the tip.

Decent pair of nike for running and stuff for 50 notes
I'm still running in boots, and have done for almost 20 years. As long as you lace them correctly and use some decent insoles, it need'nt be a problem. Besides, who wants to spend all that money on some poncy trainers? Next thing you know you'll be wearing baseball caps and hoodies when in mufti! (inexcusable) :lol:
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