How often do you guys run PT nights at detachment level?

We do them a couple of times a month and ditch the syllabus "1 min of pressups, 1 min of situps" for more interesting circuit training and things. Just thinking of ideas and why not spread the imagination? Things like team races, relays with pressups and things always go down a treat.

Is anybody lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a resident PTI? I've done a fitness instructor's course at college which helps a bit but it's slightly different to cadet activities alot of the time.
I've written a reply on this before. My advice is stick to the syllabus UNLESS you have checked with the hierarchy, done some sort of risk assessment and have a trained muscle-buster. It's a legal minefield out there - too many ambulance chasers and people looking for flag stones to trip over. Little Johnny might be only too keen to bust his balls bench pressing a 4-tonner, but Mrs Johnny senior will be the one who takes you to court.

Some strange creatures think that even APC Physical Activity is beyond the competence and capability of the average Detachment Instructor (patently a load of bollocks mind you).
As a det we have an adult instructor who has completed a hnd in sports coaching he also enjoyes working with teenagers. He intends to complete his pti course with the TA next vaciancy he gets. We also have another AI who is a qualified Hocky Coach and used to coach Mens hocky teams.

I use these skills and have them organise PT nights, they risk asses it and show me what they intend to achive, The cadets love it I now have more Cadets taking part in PT then ever befor. Recomand recuiting adults with these skills, look at ex Cadets going to collage to study these subjects after all a pti course is designed to teach adults to get fitter, where as the civi courses teach the development of socity as a whole.
what section, paragraph number of the sylabus of the apc book do i need to look up for PT ?
we hardly do any pt at all!
they say our squadron is really good and stuff but theres hardly any sport done which is really annoying, we go t othe park and play football like once evry 4 month or sumthin daft like that!
If you are asking the question from a personal angle and want to reach and maintain a certain level of fitness you might want to sriously think about making PT in your own time a habit, a way of life. In my experience organised PT is excellent for achieving team building/common aim etc. but does not sustain fitness levels when only carried out once a week or less. Muscles and organs require consistent progressive exercise. Dorment periods reverse fitness levels (unless planned rest periods or injury recovery).

If you partake in potted sports (footie, team games etc.) and syllabus PT as the 'bricks' of your mil PT and your own habitual training as 'cement' that can be built in around the syllabus etc. you will achieve a very high level of fitness, an assortment of training methods resulting in enjoyment as opposed to loathing PT like many do. I hope this makes sense to you.

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