PT question - training in boots

Hi all,

can anyone tell me what (physical) training is actually allowed in boots and what isnt ? is there any written guidelines anywhere on this ? I seem to recall some sort of announcement a few years ago about there being no PT allowed in boots any more but not sure if it was just rumour now..

Obviously CFTs yes, PFTs no.. but what about other events or lessons such as circuits and 'boot runs' ?

Cheers, T

Are you asking this because you have a soldier serving with you who is bitching about a wee bit of PT with boots on, or are you trying to get out of training with boots on yourself?

At the end of the day you wear boots when on Ops so why should you not do PT sessions with boots on?
By the end of the day its up to your CO,OC and PT staff training objectives. If they have it down in the training forecasts (most will have them for lesson plans) then they can do what ever they want. Down my neck of the woods its a CFT, boot run, TAB everyweek as a minimum.
Yes, much agreed. I'm a PTI dealing with people who dont turn up with PT kit for ad hoc PT lessons -partly through poor communications. I'd still beast em round the place but I just seemed to recall there was a time about 3 years ago when things seemed to move away from PT involving boots whenever possible and wondered if it was some runaway Health & Safety directive or summat. Ta.

Speak to your local Corps man and he will square you away with what you can and cannot do. I think it makes sense to have at least one progressive session a week involving wearing boots and carrying weight. Good luck in trying to get slackers to attend though!!!

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