PT phase 1?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by damian, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. whats the pt like on a day to day basis in phase one? im reasonbly fit i just hear a lot of stories and dont want to find myself completley thrown into the deep end somewhere where i havnt prepared myself.
  2. Its progressive, but you still need to arrive with a good level of fitness so you shouldnt worry about it before you get there, just continue to train hard.
    You will do endurance runs, in both boots and trainers. You will do Tab's(long,quick walks) carrying in excess of 13lbs and covering up to and including 6 miles. You will also go over the assault course a number of times - these are just a select few elements that make up your PT for the Phase 1 course.
  3. thanks. my overall fitness is pretty good for running etc. i do about 6 miles a day anyway. my weak points are my upper body strength. i do a bit but domt seem to be improving much. basicly my biggest concern was will they show u everything first or is it jus a point and do thing? im sure ill realise ive bin worried too much once i get there.. i hope.. haha
  4. This is covered in depth in the fitness and phase 1 threads. Please take a look there before posting your top 100 random thoughts with regards to joining the army.

    Thanks :)
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