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hello I remember a good few years ago whilst on a course I was told by a PT core Wo2 that you were entitled to 2 organised PT sessions a week if the course is longer than 2 weeks was wondering if anybody knows of this and if I can find supporting documentation anywhere also if there is a PT entitlement whilst at home unit
I am not asking to be an arse on a course, my boss has just taken over running a course and I have been tasked with getting this information and after 3 hours of Dii searches and speaking to various pti, s all have given me a different answer any help would be appreciated
Not very helpful but I've never had an organised Phys session on any course....apart from ETL obviously, it was done in my own this a new thing?
I know it says in the MATTs pack that you should have 3 x 45 min sessions per week. I can't remember if it states that is in work time though.

PS I eagerly await the posts from the TA lads pointing out that they have to do PT after work and that's unfair... One Army... etc... zzzzzz

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Mind you as TA I find it extremely unfair.......

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If you are going on a course then speak to your PTI who will (and should) provide you with a bespoke training programme while you are away on the course.


I recall in 1984 attending my B2 Assault Pioneers course in Hameln, the wedgeheads seemed to expect us to do log races at 0630 every morning which we neatly avoided by staying out on the lash until breakfast was served.
PT? No thanks.
Admittedly when confined to camp for usual Infantry type drunken tactics we had to be a little more ingenious with our get out of PT plan esp as the Instructors were all badged up like boy scouts and looked a bit keen!
PS I eagerly await the posts from the TA lads pointing out that they have to do PT after work and that's unfair... One Army... etc... zzzzzz
I know that civilian life is often a strange, bewilderbeast for some Regulars but its not always that easy to tell you civvie boss that you'll be spending wednesday afternoon doing potted sports, not the job he's paying you for.

I've not heard that kind of comment anyway, except from apocryphal stories such as yours.
JSP 898 - Part 3, Chapter 9: Armed Forces Physical Education Policy

Different document, same words.

There may be other documents on this link which are also of some use to you.
For those who aren't on DII:

JSP 898 said:
2. Formal physical training is to be delivered to all ranks throughout formal training
courses. A “Period” in this context is defined as a standard training period for the
establishment, programmed as part of the normal training day. It may be delivered
through a mix of single and double period allocations, as appropriate to the programme
and geography of the training establishment, to the following minimum scale:

Phase 1 5 periods per week.

Phase 2 5 periods per week for all ground training units. For flying training
units 5 periods per week during the ground training phase reducing to 2 periods
per week during the flying training phase.

Phase 3 3 periods per week for courses in excess of 4 weeks duration.
JSP on DSAT processes and management of trainees - 822 as a reasonable guess but I could be wrong.

Phase 1 & 2 courses must have built in PT

Phase 3 courses should facilitate students being able to do PT but you don't necessarily have to schedule it.

Hope this helps.
If you care about your abilities as a soldier then you will take responsibility for your own fitness and pull your finger out.

I have been on so many courses I have lost count - sometimes we got time for PT, mostly we didn't, on very rare occasions (twice, I think) PT was organised for us.

When you reach the dizzying heights of SNCO, or even higher, then there will be occasions when PT is not going to happen for you. Either you are working every hour god sends, you are attending meetings (again!) or you are gathering up the slackers on the run and thus doing it at half normal speed (which does nothing for your BPFA times).

Either way, when you get back off course if you have allowed your fitness to degrade then this will be noticed. EVERYTHING is a test and you will be judged on your every action.

If you are a strong soldier you will go out on runs - even better if you can suggest to your oppos to join you.
I got the shock of my life on P Coy, the DS expected me to do at least 3 phys sessions a day.

I'm mildly outraged.

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