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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wolverine11, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi, im due to start weekend 1 soon at 4 Div, Malta Barracks.

    I was wondering what is the PT side of trianing like?

    What are the PTI's like, will they be a new set every weekend or can i get used to the same ones?

    Is it just a beasting every time or what?

    Thanks for your time
  2. It varies on whether they're the same or not, but they're all good blokes. The PT's one of the funner aspects, thought i can't really speak for the new syllabus.

    PM Bravo Bravo, he's the chap you want.
  3. Oh, and beastings don't exist anymore, it's 'corrective training' ;)
  4. Even 'corrective training' is a thing of the past now.

    What can you expect from PT? Well, to get hot, sweaty and out of breath I suppose.

    As long as you have been doing your own program of fitness training in your own time between training weekends you should be OK. Nothing carried out as part of your syllabus is out of reach as long as you train between weekends (and I don't mean one night a week, try three or four times a week with a realistic training program, try asking PTI's at 4Div RTC or your own unit for these).

    The PTI's do vary, but there are a regular 'core' of PTI's that turn up most weekends, they are VERY professional and take your fitness training and assessment seriously. They will not 'beast' you, but training and standards are set high so you will be pushed hard, which is only right and proper for a career in the military
  5. thanks for the replys so far, im looking forward to the PT, are the PTI's seen to be the very fittest, as im worried that they might just run at 'their' pace and expect me to keep up?
  6. As the PT Corps WOII there is a mate of mine I can get him to set you your very own beasting schedule if you wish!
  7. no i didnt mean that, i meant...would the pti's up there be very very fit and run at their pace?
  8. Lets get this straight, PTI's at 4Div RTC working with SuT's DO NOT 'do their own thing', everything involved with SuT's is set to a standard. They run or work to the standard set for that lesson or assessment and DO NOT act like a bunch of cowboys!

    Do not worry about the PTI's at 4Div RTC, all instructors including the PTI's get validated regularly so display the highest of standards. None of the instructors 'do their own thing'. If they do and overstep the mark, they will no longer instruct there.

    If you want to worry about anything it should be about your training regime pre course. Do not worry about the instructors, they know what they are doing and are good at their jobs. Yes at times you will feel physically challenged, but that is part of the course. Therefore YOU must get stuck into training your body to be able to accept the physical challenges ahead of you.
  9. I'd worry about "Narnia" if I was you.... :D
  10. Narnia?? im sorry im not following
  11. It's a nickname for one of the PTI's.

    Seriously don't worry about the PT mate, it's good fun. It's not Bad Lad's army, but it's not a walk in the park either. You do everything with your cadre anywho, get involved with the banter, don't answer the instructors back and you'll be fine.

    Also, be sure to come back and let us know what you think of Malta!
  12. hahahahahaha its a nick name for one of the pti's? why is he / she called narnia? dont answer back, got that one! are they nice and approachable?
  13. They're there to help you dude, not spend 2 days throwing you around fields and leopard crawling over barbed wire.

    That said, there's not really a lot of room to 'chat' with the PTI's, as PT time is fairly limited.

    What's your cap badge?
  14. RLC

    The one called narnia? why??

    do the others have nick names?
  15. You're not making sense dude.
    And why? They're not your friends, and walking up to an instructor you don't know and spouting nicknames at him will probably result in forearms like pop-eye by the end of your Phase 1.

    Do you have any sensible questions?