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Got part 1b starting next weekend and the Army still haven't managed to issue me with PT kit. Well it has only been nine months since i asked for it.
Anyhow, i'm off to the local surplus place tomorrow to buy my own.
My question is, i need shorts and socks. What kind are issued? Blue shorts and white socks? Not sure if we get issued socks?
If you dont turn up with the right kit the PTI's will make you do it in your pants and socks like they did at school.
If you've not been issued it, don't just buy it yourself. Make sure you have black or dark shorts (running shorts, not hawaiian shorts) and a pair of proper trainers (not skating shoes).

T-shirt of a plain colour, preferably green though white would be fine too I imagine.

Just explain you've not had it issued - 1B3 is a weekend to see who has what kit as well as the other things you do, so if you don't have it use it as an opportunity to have some pressure put on your unit by chatting to the staff.
check your personal messages

for the last 12 months i have been the pti attached to our recruit training team, as with all recruits they were only allowed to wear issued kit until they complete basic training. If you haven't been issued it you cant wear it! just bring something similar dont waste your money on surplus kit buy some good stuff (coolmax / climacool or alike) and invest in some good running shoes as you can wear these in your own time and will be a large contributing factor to you not getting injuries, specialised running shops can show you what is best for you without you having to pay a small fortune!

is full of good advice.......hope this helps!
If your off to grantham mate olive green t shirt is ok and a normal plane pair of blue shorts will be fine your issue socks are also worn good luck
Thanks Liverpains and everyone else.
Yes its at Grantham.

We have been told that we can wear our own shoes right through basic training.

I have some plain blue shorts but i was told that they are a little baggier than the issued ones!

Can't believe you mean the issue black socks!! Short white ones perhaps?
no issue socks rolled down four fingers i passed out of grantham in july its an arse but thems the rules and to be honest it aint that bad your also not allowed to wear non issue you olive t shirts ie the tour ones with logos on hope this helps
Just got back from Grantham and we were told if you didn't have the issued kit then you should wear black shorts, green t-shirt which must be tucked in. Black shoe liners or socks rolled down four fingers. Exactly the same as what we are told every time we go. And if the weather is horrendous you will do a bleep test not the mile and a half.
milkandcheese said:
Maggs84 said:
your issue socks are also worn

Wait..hang on a cheese crumbling minute. Your issue socks? Those big black walking socks? For PT? Running around, star jumps, that sort of malarky?

Have I missed something important here? Is there another magical stores department with two types of sock? Oh my, what else am I missing out on?
Yes, same story for me when I was a recruit. They made us wear bloody issue black socks rolled down. I don't think I ever wore an issue t-shirt (soak up water and end up around your knees if they get wet), and I certainly didn't wear the issue trainers (never been worn) or the issue shorts (never issued). It was strange that they were so particular about the socks!

Edited to add that we weren't made to wear these socks at my unit, just at the RTC.
At our RT we just had to wear black socks, issue trainers (or your own with relevent doctors note stating why you need them), black shorts and the issue green t-shirt. The new issue t-shirt is very good, and will not soak up your sweat like the older ones - keeps you nice and cool when training.

If you've not been ISSUED the kit in the first place though, you can't help turning up without it. Personally I'd rather get a bit of a bollocking for not having kit and finish recruit training than not go because the unit was too bone to issue it to me in time.

If you explain you've not been issued it yet, you'll be fine.
Is this sock oddness confined to Grantham RTC then? I'm not seeing any DS cropping up to offer the offical rules on socks, the use of. I'm not that bothered about the fcuk around aspects of RTCs, but people are issued two pair of socks and reusing them for PT would surely just encourage blisters. Seems mighty counterproductive. If they were for all uses, we would issue more than two pairs.

I mean, WHY godammit, WHY? It's not earth shattering, it'll not be picked up by the daily mail, but it does sound a mighty stoopid thing to do. Or is it me thats beng stoopid, have I missed some vital form of ops deployment where I might find myself with my boots cast aside in place of silver shadows? If so, it doesn't sound like the kind of war an Englishman should get involved in!
Yes that is odd. To be honest i'm not sure i can get my running shoes on with those thick black socks, i nomally wear thin sports socks.
Oh well, lets see what happens at the weekend!

Thanks for the heads up anyhow, i'll take a few more spare pairs with me as well now.
darbs said:
spoomo said:
darbs said:
And if the weather is horrendous you will do a bleep test not the mile and a half.
If it ain't rainin...
well then you get to do the p i s s easy run! :D
I love running in the rain because I'm not sweating like a rapist a few miles down the road.

Gotta say, I am a little shocked that the ARMY would be put off by a bit of rain?! Get out there and run you fannys!
I think it is more of a concern with the RSW - don't think they're allowed to get people running the 1.5 miler in the rain due to the softy approach for that weekends. Maybe to do with insurance, as not many are attested until after the RSW (though oddly some were. Why attest them if they've not proved fit?).

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