PT Kit during phase two

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by greengoblin, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Another boring question I'm afraid. What's the sketch nowadays?

    Do phase two wear their own PT kit or issue?

    Is issue green t-shirt blue shorts for the guys
    white t-shirt/shorts for the girls?
  2. You're right, well done zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Just keep these from Phase 1?
  4. Yes a boring question and a rubbish answer. A yes or no would have sufficed.
  5. yes or no

    there ya go hope that helps
  6. God I hope not, Im a Re trade and havent seen my issue PT kit since 1993!!!!!
  7. I give up!!! (Is there anyone out there who could just give me the answer to my Q?)
  8. yes and no
  9. As you progress in the Army, particularly the Intelligence Corps, you will be increasingly expected to take responsibility for your own fitness. What you wear in programmed PT sessions is perhaps not the issue here.

    From what I can recall, the classroom work can get quite tedious at times. You may even want to do a bit of phys, in your own time and sometimes away from camp. ( and to get out of the house during Christmas leave)

    If there is no phys in your programme for the day, a 20 minute jog before work or at lunchtime, may help to set you up for the day, or the after-lunch graveyard shift.

    If not explicit, the answer implicity, if you are going to stay the course, is YES.
  10. Oh, you had to go and spoil it didn't you? I was getting close to messing my issue blue shorts with the crease up the front and back!
  11. You have been out a while now and attitudes have changed.

    Its not a problem that we know you really mean the passion killers that you stole from the laundry room in Black 6A.

    ( probably at about 1:30 am whilst hiding from the passing nocturnal DS)
  12. just remember not to wear boxers under your issue shorts, when doing situps or rope climbing in the gym :)
  13. Speak the voice of experience eh CR?

    Back to the original question. What is it with all these questions about what to expect in Phase 1 and 2. How did we survive without being able to ask these questions on such a forum.

    Just feckin turn up and do as you're told for fecks sake.
  14. not me mate, if i'd done that i would have taken some poor fecker's eye out!

    i do remember SR the PTI punishing anyone who dared to show her "trouser snakes" during her beastings! funny as hell.

    as for the questions... i thought part of the fun of joining up was the adventure. not much fun if you know the answers beforehand. i don't know, kids today etc etc... mind you, in our day, chicken used to taste like chicken. and you could go to the cinema, have a bag o' chips and still get change from tuppence. :D
  15. Here's an idea, why don't you look in your joining instructions?