Discussion in 'Infantry' started by inf2011, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. I'm joining 1PWRR in a couple of weeks over in Germany, just wondering what to expect from the PT side of things and if there's anything ITC doesn't prepare you well for that I can work on before I get out there, cheers.
  2. Have a ******* surprise left in your life!
  3. No wanting to turn up like a fat usless fcuk if I can help it
  4. You want to turn your whole life around in a couple of weeks? Good for you.

    Stay away from dirty women and big turks with long kebab knives!
  5. They have recently stepped up their PT regime owing to a few failures in basic tests.

    the CO expects PFTs to be done in less than 9.00 for males under 30, battle PT 3 times per week and 20km tabs once per month.

    If you fail any event then your free time will be taken up with remedial PT instead of DP'ing prostitues, slurping Becks and trying to scrap with the locals.

    Sweet dreams......................
  6. If you've just passed out of ITC, then you'll be fine.
  7. cheers Badger