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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by !shorty!, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. Hi there
    I am a 22 year old female about to join the army and im reading these posts and i have no clue as to what BPFA and CFT means..
    Aslo can anybody tell me what are good times for the run and how many push ups and press ups i need to do
    thanks ever so much guys
    and if anyone has any spare time to answer a few more questions i would greatly appreciate it XXXX
  2. BPFA is Basic Personal Fitness Assessment.
    It involves a 1.5 mile run, as many press ups as you can do in 2 minutes and as many sit ups as you can do in 2 minutes.

    There are points awarded depending on the time you complete the run and numbers of press ups and sit ups completed. This then gives you a traffic light reading of GREEN, AMBER or RED. You should be getting GREEN on all activities. Unfortunately i don't have the actual target values to hand but i imagine that someone else will be able to help you out.

    The CFT is the Combat Fitness Test.
    This involves completing a 5km course carrying 56lbs of equipment, helmet and rifle wearing boots and DPMs. It should be completed in under 1 hour.

    I hope that this helps!
  3. Thats awsome and yes it helps, thank you very much.
  4. This may help you this what you do on BPFA. I bean told you dont do any press up or sits up only when you start phase 1 but do them any way you should have a advantage!

    1.5 Mile run
    Jerry can
    Back extension
    Static lift
    & Lift 55kg's to 1.45 metres(Height of 4 tonne truck)

    Good luck!
  5. Poet - that's the fizz standards for the Para aptitude course.

    On your Army Basic Personal Fitness assesment, you have two minutes to do as many pushups as you can. Green pass standard for males is forty-odd, I believe. The excercise is then repeated for situps. The green pass standard for males is sixty (again, not 100% - have a search around the army website.)
    Then is the 1 mile warm up, followed by 1.5 mile (2400m) best effort. Green pass standard (again for males - being a blerk I have never paid much attention to the female required standard...) is 10mins 30 sec.
    The above, and only the above, is a Basic Personal Fitness Assessment.

    Being a laydee, Shorty, aiming at the above standards should get you comfortably in there.

    edited for typo
  6. I belive it's 50 for both sit ups and press ups.
  7. sarnian i am really conffused i bean told by my recruiter you do the press up and sits ups.

    But i get told by the army homepage you dont at all you do
    1.5 Mile run
    Jerry can
    Back extension
    Static lift
    & Lift 55kg's to 1.45 metres(Height of 4 tonne truck)

    i am going in to inf regular army

    maybe i just have to wait and see when i get down there
  8. The BPFA is press ups, sit ups and 1.5 miles best effort. This is the basic test at the start of your training. Your recruiter is correct.
  9. This is what u have to pass at the Recruit Selection Centre, the BPFA is what u have to complete to pass out I believe, they'll train u up to do this anyway.
  10. bpfa green for females is 50 sit ups and 22 press ups i think its 13minutes for the run (any arrsers got the definate figures???) the fitter the better though as you'll find training easier
  11. 8O A CFT is eight miles done in two hours! (I wish it was only an hour!)
  12. You seem to be confused with the RSC Tests and BPFA. RSC is recruit selection centre where you do the above tests. Only are those tests conducted at RSC.

    The BPFA i believe is the 1.5 mile squadded followed by 1.5 Mile best effort. Then Max pressups & situps in 2 mins.
  13. Right then this post is giving me a headache. Lots of confusion, Lets clear it up.


    1.5 Mile Run.

    Max Pressups in 2 Mins

    Max Situps in 2 Mins

    This is done throughout training, especially in screening week and is done regularly when in battalion


    The combat fitness test (CFT) is normally taken once every year. It is a 8-mile march/tab in full kit carrying. For infanrty regts training up in caterick weight is 55lbs (25Kg) within 2 hours

    RSC Tests

    Recruit Selection Centre is the place you go to do selection to join the army. You DONT do the CFT or BPFA at RSC.
    I attended RSC about 1 Month ago, I was told by my recruiter and watched a video in the recruiting office which detailed about 3 tests that you dont actually do. So the video is out of date.

    These are the tests that you do at RSC. As im going for paras only know para regt scores.

    1.5 Mile run(BFT)- Need under 10.30 for infanrty and under 9.18 for para regt

    Heaves- 10-12 for para regt

    Jerry can- Need to complete walk for 180 metres for para regt

    Back extension-Need to pass. not sure of score

    Static lift- Need to pass, again not sure of score.

    1.45 Metres weight lift(Height of 4 tonne truck) . You start with 40 Kgs then it goes up to 55 Kgs, The pass score is depending on what job your going for. For para regt and all infanrty you need to lift the 55kgs

    Hope this cleared it up

  14. cheers Edwards159 well cleared it up mate!

    sorry for the confusion :oops:
  15. I take it, by cut off time, you mean the minimum time you need to do it in.. You have to complete the 8 miles between 1h50 (or similar) and two hours.. to be honest I'm not entirely sure of the exact times you have to do it in, but I know if you come in too early or too late it's an illegal CFT! I can't wait to do a CFT next Thursday at 8am! :( :(