I'm new to this website so without trying to open a massive can of worms it would be intresting to hear other people's opinion's on the matter, as I certainly don't claim to know everything. One of my major winge's with the Signals has allways been PT. Most units probably do PT twice or maybe three times a week at most which isn't a lot but certainly better than nothing of course. My gripe is probably directed a lot at med centre's, we all know that a large % of people going sick in the core in normal units are people who just want to get out of PT. I'm not sure what the answer is but perhaps commanders could take more of an intrest into suspect case's?
Whilst recently at Blandford on my class 1 cse, I was shocked by the number of overweight, downgraded or soldiers on the sick on the camp. When we did do PT on the cse nearly half the cse were not there, shouldn't this be reflected on there cse report's. However none of the instructors on my class 1 are intrested, and I see even less of them ever do any form of PT.
In summary it is now far to easy to get out of doing any PT at all. Having spent most of my career in infantry of specialist units, where you are ridiculed if you do not meet the standard of fitness. It is a shame to see in normal units or Blandford that it is just accepted as the norm to go sick, or be overweight, what happend to the pride in being fit?
I was an Instructor at Blandford, my section did PT 3 times a week, no shirking inbetween a very busy timetable.

It was not so suprising to see the level of phase 2 who claim to be unfit but if they are on a physical course then you can use their ailment to have them removed or backcourse (works both ways :wink: )

Also not suprising were the number of phase 3`s, the sheer size of some has to be a p1sstake of the system (oh and they believe the Corps owes them their 3rd). As spoke about before on this site overgrading and the tendancy to turn a blind eye by OC`s does not help.

It is down to you troop cadre to ensure that if your not on PT that you are suitably employed and indeed this should refelct in their input into your end of course report.

Remember litigation is a factor, the MO and his staff have to play it safe. The days of take 2 bruffen pick up your webbing and get back out there have unfortunatly gone!

You also have to look at the sheer size of the unit. 11 Sigs is run by 6 troops contain 1800 students, It is easy to slip through the net becuase a couple of screws cannot check all of them all of the time and they also tend to melt in direct sunlight if they leave their desks (teehee :twisted: )
I also blame the units themselves along with the Tp SSgts, Tp Cmdrs and OC Sqns.

Whilst the BPFA is a fitness assessment, continued assessment at Red means that the Soldier is unfit for purpose. The Soldier can then be brought up on a warning order for being unfit for duty or such like (not the physical fitness in this cse). Failure to then gain a green over this period means they can be suitably admonished and eventually (if they keep at it) have their contract terminated.

All it takes is for a few to be so hit and the message will get out that we are serious about the physical aspects of soldiering as well as the trade and military aspects.

This is of course not withstanding those that are down graded.
hello! I am sorry to say that i totaly agree with these comment! there was a saying a while ago that the british army was the best in the world, i have trouble believing that at the present as i see so many 'lame and lazy'. To say that we are the best and to keep a straight face is near on impossible!!

I have come to blandford recently (on an upgrade course) from a unit where everybody is very fit and highly motivated. I was quite shocked at the attitude of the, dare i say 'normal' soldiers. They seem to spend more time trying to get out of doing things than actualy getting on and doing them!! for example the co's run!
Now i think that the run is a extra PT session, all arranged for you, all you have to do is turn up and run!!!! how easy is that?? But these 'normal' soldiers will try and come up with all manner of excuses as to why they shouldnt do it!

Excuses, not reasons!!!

More often than not the ones that would benefit more from it!!

It apears that some units are actualy breeding these melingerers (spelling??). I am not sure what larger units are like, but to have so many 'soldiers' in such an aledged state of disrepair seems rather alarming!!

I see on the RSM's parades, that he invites me to attend, that there seems to be an extra squadron on the left flank!! But oh no, if i look closer they are all in attendance with some form of alledged illness or ailment. Some genuine, some not so genuine!

Surely there should be some system implemented that would sort these melingerers from the genuine injured soldiers! It shouldnt realy be necessary for it to be a politicaly correct method as this is 'THE BRITISH ARMY' after all! "lions led by" well you know what i mean!!

(pse excuse spelling as it is not a strongpoint of mine)

Totally agree, it is a disgusting state of affairs that we are now in. I know at Blandford there is almost a college campus regard to certain disciple matters and issues, and the army putting there umbrella up with regards to not wanting to get sued etc. However we need some senior officers with balls to stand up to the system surely this cant go on, sometimes I feel some of the soldiers here are nothing more than civvi's in uniform. With the incresing "playstation generation" of kids leaving school who are in general less motivated and less fit surely we need to be increasing the ammount of PT that is done it phase 1 & 2 trg instead of it being reduced or less emthasis being placed on it.
Left in 96, beastings all round, acting ssm who made the bft a 10 minute thing for all and god help you, if you came in between 10 & 10:30!

What a waste!!!!!!!!!!!
One thing that is worth recognition that despite problems at Blandford there are still some dam fine kids coming through who give it 100% and are desperate to get out there and make their mark.

It is not all a bag o sh1te!!

well maybe the techs... LOL
got to agree with redshaggydog, all we need is a co with the balls to get a grip of these lazy malingering bas#$*s and then when they get their contract terminated it will be too late for them, but these people who are just swinging the lead may sit up and take notice. i'm not the fittest of people, however when it comes time to do the bpfa and bcft i don't make a big drama out of it and get on and pass them but these people usually kids have failed before they have even started, and what about the fat ones? surely the MO should be able to put them on a diet and to advise them of the amount of calories in a pint. so if you're fat lazy and can't be bothered just get a grip or try what you're doing in civvy street and see how long u can keep a job going sick all the time

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