PT for the lazy



1) To get a flat stomach, lie on your front - hey presto! flat stomach!!

2) To increase upper arm strength, hold pint glass in hand (preferably filled with alcohol) and slowly raise to mouth. Continue until all liquid is drunk (and you are).
Walk to favourite pub, stand at bar, order drink, sit down, and....... drink.  Continue exercise until leg and arm muscles improve or you fall over, which ever comes first.
PT Program for the lazy:

Sit in front of Computer Screen all day = stronger fingers & wrists!

Playing Computer games = stronger thumbs!

Chewing gum & gobbing off = stronger jaw!

Sitting on your arse reading this c**p= weak heart, weak body......GET TRG MAGGOTS!! ;D

P.S.  It is addictive though!
His only friend is a mirror, and thats not overly keen on him.

He throws himself at the gym, because Jim his Boyfriend rejected him due to having an ego bigger than his hampton
Wow, that's pretty messed up.  Thanks for telling me that MDN.  

Mr Swords, if your boyfriend is giving you jip, maybe it's time to move on.  Ego trips are a dangerous thing in a relationship, especially same sex relationships.

I'll forgive you for the maggots statement before.  There, there, there....... ;D

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