PT for DS...

One nice innovation seen at the rec ruit wing I pester is that ALL DS ( ALL ) are required to do at least one session of PT during the weekend.

Some of the plumper DS have not actually been seen since that came in, or "will get there saturady"

Pie eating fops.
They are afterall not the image one wishes to display when an eager young recruit wanders in. Good call.

Thankfully at my place we have a PTI, a PO, and a Cpl who has voluteered for Cambrian again. Two of them have done tours so I believe we are presenting ourselves in a positive way.

The fatties and old farts who used to lurk about have been shunted to stores or condemned to an office out of sight of the young un's. No bounty for them either if they don't do all MATTs. You threaten to leave? Ta ra fat boys!

Quality not quantity. I'd rather keep on the seldom attenders/bounty hunters as at least they have a hope of doing thier MATTs and as such could be deployed.
Not really, YS, despite being an RTC training corps ( GAP ) as well as ficko infantry there are a good number of decent blokes from 3 PWRR, RRV and LONDONS.

The salad dodgers seem to be more on the permanent cadre.

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