PT during basic training

Hi there could anybody tell me how often PT is carried out in basic, what kind of PT ie runs gym etc. Also do you usually have rest day in between

HENDO said:
Also do you usually have rest day in between
you are joking arent you?
I was just a little worried bout that ha ha, so do you usually do PT bout 3 times per week
HENDO said:
so do you usually do PT bout 3 times per week

No, you see, the army is suffering with a chronic shortage of PTIs, (we should be so lucky) so they might take you out for a quick jog once or twice a week. The rest of the time they put you on your honour to do some work in your spare time, but that's optional. You can just tell the PTI that you don't want to, and would rather go down the NAAFI. He'll understand. Hope that answers your question.
Ok but seriously how often would PT be carried out during basic
Well Im guessing your looking at about 3 or 4 times per week circuit sets in the gym and running as a squad in boots and also comprehensive training for the CFT as far as im aware you doing two BPFAs one when you start and one when you finsih all's I wanted to do was check this information but doest'nt seem like I can get a straight or serious answer so ill just go with what iv been told of others.
The reason you can't find solid information is because PTIs make it up on the spot, and they hate you, but will claim they just want to help you. Ultimately they hate you though. The last thing you want to do is concern yourself with the specifics; they will beast you no matter how prepared you are.

"Do NOT pass out, do NOT pass out"
and also your namby pamby 2006 version of basic training PT will be a lot different to the type of 'keep going till someone dies' basic training PT the majority of posters on this site will have endured in the 'good old days'.
LOl, FF thats pretty much what i was i thinking, i remember the "Dell" in November breaking the ice on the pond before we all had to jump in and get across, PT was sometimes 2 or 3 times a day for as long as they wanted if they had nothing better to do and thats not counting the beastings just because one of us had done something wrong, obviously old DMS not broken in until you had poured enough blood out of them, etc, etc , etc, but then 78 wasn't the high point in military PC behaviour, i expect there are worse experiences than mine though..

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