PT Course - ETL

Does anyone have any info or done the the TA - ETL(?) course, which means you can lead the guys in Phys?

So far all i have heard is that a course exist, not it's content etc? Has anyone on here done it?
All info appreciated!
Do you mean PTI course? (WTF does ETL stand for?) ask your PSI. theyve got binders full of course details, they'll deny they have, but just keep annoying them ,they'll give in eventually.
ETL - means Endurance Training Leader. It doesn't mean you can lead people in Phys - It allows you to take slow steady state runs not raising heart rates above a certain percentage rate.
So, I've searched the forum, and looked at the ASPT web site and can find nothing about the ETL course.

My boss says he wants me and ANother to do it, so how do we get on it ?

Do we have to jack a course up ourselves with a QMSI or is there someone, somewhere that delivers the course ?
Give the courses clerk a ring at Fox Lines, the number should be on the ASPT website.
The ETL Course does exist and most of my TA PTI's have attended. I believe the course is hosted by the New TA PTI Wing and particularly 49 Brigade.. Send me a PM if you wish to have contact details and personalities!
51 Bde also run an ETl course. Really good course if your into that sort of thing!!!!

Allows the taking of steady state runs and forced march training. Also covers warm-up and cool-downs!

PM Me for info
From what I remember of our ETL course, Sads, you were only there to bring the average age down! definatley not the weight, aside from that, yes it's a handy little course to have, just so's you can help out the PTIs during PT, warm ups/Cool downs & general 'non technical'PT.
Starts off class room work, H&S, caring for feet & so on,but as you can imagine there is also alot of PT work, being shown how to properly warm the squad(you) up, then each of you takes a turn, same with the warm downs, a small amount of running was involved, the risk reduction run type of thing & then practicing speed marches/ CFTs,
Thanks FFB,

Sounds like just what we're looking for.

Copperhead and Sads,

I've sent you both PMs, but they're just sitting in my outbox. I've got a contact number for 51 Bde from their web site, but I could do with something for 49 Bde as they are closer to our base.



PS If I manage to jack something up, I'll post details here so that the other guys can join in as well

Edited to say, that I obviously won't give dates and times etc
I done it about a month ago at aldergrove.. Good course if your intrested and give it your all its pretty good.. I didnt like the placing of markers.. but then again thats down to me not driving and not properly understanding the junctions.. Rectified now...
I appear to be having some trouble with my PMs, so:

Copperhead - thanks for the info;

Sadsacks - tried to contact you, don't think PM went out, but C'head has given me the info needed.
42 (NW) BRTC ETL dates:

26-27 May 07
01-02 Sep 07
24-25 Nov 07
02-03 Feb 08
01-02 Mar 08

Only bid via chain of command at least 10 week in advance, phone 0151 929 3254 for info.
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